Morning by Morning

4466 4466_ () 4466 4466 Early this morning, I plopped down in my chair in our newly appointed (by which I mean we finally decided on a name for this room) living room. The living room (formerly our dining room and not to be confused with our front room) has a beautiful view of the morning sky and as I looked out, I noticed the sunrise was highlighting a flock of clouds drifting across my view.

The clouds were florescent, and before I pointed them out to anyone else I sat and soaked in their beauty for about thirty seconds. Then I told Henry he should look, he said he saw them and they were awesome, and by the time I looked back out the window, those breathtaking clouds were gone. The hot pick hues had been replaced by light gray, just like that the sun had shifted enough to change the scene entirely.

If I hadn’t sat down for this moment while Henry ate his breakfast, I thought, I would have missed all of that. How many other beautiful things do I miss in a day because I’m too busy to stop and look?

The answer, of course, is plenty. That’s life. And I’m not going to walk around feeling sad and regretful about all I don’t see. In this moment, instead of lamenting all that I miss, I’m just very grateful to The Grand Painter for allowing me to see his beautiful work today.

God is such a majestic artist.

(Related, as I finished having My Moment in my chair, it make me wonder what God looks like when he’s at work? I know he doesn’t look like this, but wouldn’t it be awesome if he did?)

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  1. I used to love watching Bob Ross on PBS and his “happy little trees” – thanks for the smile and the reminder to look for the little things.

    My husband’s grandmother was an awesome artist. Even though she’s been gone for 5 years already, my kids still look at the sky and marvel at the “art” that God lets Gram paint for us!

  2. I’m laughing hilariously at that picture because my now 9-year old would get up early when he was little and turn on PBS and watch that painting show. It would mesmerize him. Miss that!

  3. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

    Yeah, this also applies to Bob Ross in a profound way!

  4. It’s great to read other people soaking-in those moments. I see the sunrise over here on my way to work during the winter and I stopped the other day to take a picture (which can never really capture it all), it was just so amazing. Fortunately, I have colleague who also appreciates such things, it so much nicer to share them. This has prompted a post of my own on the same theme- but I credit you! Thanks.