Lawrence, Our Brother

Today I’m over at Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) sharing about our experience of sponsoring a child. There’s even a picture of our boy Lawrence!

Our boys want to meet Lawrence so badly. Maybe one day we’ll be able to take a mission trip over to his village to meet his family. I can’t imagine the impact *that* would have!



  1. Wow – new blog look!! We also adopted a child this year through CFCA. Juan Tomas. My boys put money regularly in a jar for him and my husband and I make up the difference each month. Such a great organization!

  2. Go for it! Six years ago, my husband and then 15yo son traveled together to Guatemala to visit our sponsored child on one of the CFCA sponsored mission trips. It was the BEST experience for them. Now we are looking toward sending my husband with our next son (16) to India to visit a child he sponsors with the money he earns playing the organ. We hope we can do this with all our children during their high school years.

  3. It’s a great experience! I love receiving letters from our sponsored child from the Philippines. When we “adopted” her, it was our first year wedding anniversary. No kids yet, she’s our first child!

    She is in high school now and wants to be a nurse or a teacher. I’m so glad I could help with her schooling.