Sunday Snippets

4915 4915_ () 4915 4915 *Yesterday was the big Social formal. Beautiful. Wonderful. Beyond stressful. Getting three boys down to the civic center in the pouring rain while trying not to fret about getting a good seat because our oldest is Cotillion and the evening is A lot About Cotillion. And it all worked out. I could go on (and on and on) but let me just take things down to the most basic: a lot of time and energy went into preparing for last night; it was worth it.

*But let me add: it was a little difficult for me because we had a fancy dinner we went to after the dance so I had to dress up a bit more than usual. My goodness I’m the kind of gal who prefers to have comfy clothes and shoes on. Especially when it’s cold and rainy. If I had known that I could have gotten away with a nice black ankle-length pant and (hmmm, resisting the urge to say clogs…) a shoe less strappy than I wore, I would have been a few notches up on the happy scale. Still a fun time, but I’m sad to admit that the temporal sometimes affects me.

*We celebrated my dad’s birthday today with a little surprise gathering. What a gift. At school assembly on Friday, my four big boys got invited out to honor their Papa. My friend Mollie sent me a picture and oh my heart, it was beautiful. What a memory. Here’s something amazing: I remember being fourteen when my dad turned 40 and all the students of the school (my dad was the headmaster back then) stood in a line and each student got a chance to say something about my dad. I remember standing there with my friends waiting for my turn. Then we gifted him with a VCR that weighed four-hundred pounds, and I thought I was going to pass out I was so excited for our family.

*Mostly y’all, I’m just really, really glad that dance is behind us. It was wonderful. But…oh, complicated feelings. Do you ever have an event on your calendar that sort of looms, even if it’s a fun and happy event? If there is just enough stress involved, those events turn a little heavy and usually I don’t even recognize the weight until things are behind us and I find myself so relieved. I think I feel that way about: Pinewood Derby (definitely, that one I recognize); Christmas Eve Mass (sorry that I had to admit that, but it’s true. Crowded events where seating is something I have to consider…); Last Day of School Awards Ceremony…

*Happy Sunday. Too much talk of stress? Nahhhhhhh….. 4915″> ?



  1. What a lovely evening! Looking back you’ll forget about the rain, the dress, the shoes… I commiserate on the “calendar date looming large”. My daughter’s friend from France (she was our exchange student last year – she hosted our daughter for a few weeks then we hosted her) is coming for a visit at the beginning of summer. I am so excited to see and host Lucille, but I am beyond stressed about the details of making her stay great. Last year it was a school sponsored event and her days were filled with visiting history (we live near DC). This trip is something our two families arranged and all the fun and excitement planning falls on me.

  2. Cathy D says:

    Event that looms? Baccalaureate Mass last night for our oldest, followed by graduation next week. (Baccalaureate is usually the Sunday before graduation but with that being Mother’s Day, they had it yesterday.)
    Not lots of planning for me. Mostly just emotional. She’s our oldest. I can’t believe this day is here.

  3. I’ve had “looming” this past few weeks, too. First Communion (always a seating nightmare!) – I have resolved that one by being the “one who goes early” to get seats. It annoys my husband if we aren’t up front, but not enough to actually go and GET the seats. And it was our “last” First Communion. We also had our “first” prom, so there was the whole tuxedo, corsage, picture thing. Then my husband took over a Brigade in Augusta, and I had to do a reception for 100 people, and I DON’T live there…! So I get it! All wonderful, happy, complicated events. So glad that everything has gone well, so glad to be there, so glad it’s over!!