Worth It.

Happy Mother’s Day! How is your day going? Was it perfect? Did it live up to the high ideals that you set before dawn?

My friend Kajse called me this morning and we were laughing at all the crazy that seems to transpire on Mother’s Day. Because when you have a day that is all about Mother — the person who, let’s face it, has learned to put herself last because that how things work — well you just might be setting yourself up for disappointment. Not in a martyr kind of way (though that certain surfaces from time to time) but just, mothers are the ones who step back and assess the situation and see what needs to happen. Thus, when we’re giving out instructions and directing traffic, we are usually putting others in front of us to get them where they need to go. We are not in the habit of going first, and no one else is necessarily in that habit either. God bless husbands, this day is so much work for them, reminding the kids over and over again: It’s Mother’s Day! It’s about MOM!

Even on MOTHER’S DAY, there will be squabbles. Even on Mother’s Day someone will prefer not to go on that hike (the one that ends up being so much fun for everyone, see I told you so!). Even on Mother’s Day, daddy might have to pin someone down to show him who is boss.

Not really. Yes really. But in a lighthearted, fun, still getting the point across kind of way.

Today has been a good day because I am learning to recognize that. I had a few moments of hormone-induced crazy (yay 40! You’re so much fun not always!) but in the midst of that I still had such a healthy grip on the reality of life: life is not perfect. No matter what someone’s Instagram feed might be preaching, life is not perfect.

But it is certainly beautiful.

mothers day hike


  1. What a great picture!!

  2. What a great picture! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to someone who is a wonderful example of motherhood for the rest of us. I love that last picture, but I had to count the kids because even though there are 6 there, it doesn’t look like a lot of kids. I do that with my own family pictures sometimes. It’s like, wait a minute, aren’t we supposed to be an abnormally large family? It just doesn’t look crazy big to me. Crazy, perhaps, but not too big!

  4. Jessica Z says:

    Ha, I had to count the number of kids in that photo too! Beautiful family!!