All Ovah The Place

Full disclosure: I’m writing to post to prove to myself that I can still write. Can I do it? We shall see. I have a deadline tomorrow and turns out I have not been writing much at all lately so I need to get the rust chipped away of Ye Ol Brain Cells.

One graph down. So far so good.

Every morning my friend Kelly has an insightful little post up at her place about swim team and such, things I’m doing right along side her. And I’m like “how did she DO that?” Because I was there, witnessing and toting and get us from hither to yon and then I turn around and she’s written all about it. What’s my deal?

Let’s talk about that.

Honestly, the biggest challenge I have in the summertime is the lack of quiet. As you might imagine. I’m sure this is a universal issue for moms the world over, but somehow, I suspect, there are those among us who can push through the noise to find their inner self. And then there’s us weaklings.

Last night I climbed into bed before Paul. He and the boys were finishing watching a game so I grabbed my shower and read a few Psalms and sat and thought (I would say meditated but I don’t want to sound braggy). And I felt so…centered.

Man, am I a hippie or what?

But that’s the truth — I have to get those moments of silence or I’m just not myself. And there’s no time for anything without that. If I feel out-of-sorts inside, I am doubly stirred up with the externals. Dealing with opinionated children, with tired toddlers and the chaos of six children? I do great if I’m quieting myself here and there, before the storms of the day. So quiet time is imperative. It helps all this other stuff fall into place.

Enough nazel gaving.


Next week we’re filming another season of The Gist! Hooray! So this week I’m doing weird stuff like trying on nice clothes and taking selfies to make sure things will look okay on camera. I might even get mah nails did. We shall see.


  1. Oh, boy, you hit the nail right on the head. I have a lovely little prayer/writing desk in our bedroom, and when I go too long without using it, I’m a real crankmeister. But the crazy thing is that I have to consciously *remind * myself to go use it, otherwise I try to soothe my crabby soul with things like Facebook or 90’s sitcom reruns. Those help as entertainment, but they don’t reach the needs of that deeper place inside me. Somehow, I have to keep re-learning that lesson over and over.

    Great hat, by the way!

  2. Aunt Catherine says

    I don’t have six children, but Amen. (I’m one of those weaklings!)

  3. Looking forward to more of the Gist!


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