Baby Proof

Baby books have been up for discussion lately, mainly because I pulled out Charlie’s baby book for his recent tie ceremony and found some thoroughly entertaining vignettes from his days as a baby.

“Quiet down please,” I once said to three-year-old Charlie.

“I want to,” he replied, “but my mouth won’t let me.”

Oh my goodness I was tearing up reading these notes, looking at the pictures. So many milestones, all noted duly on the pages within.

Henry came up to me today and out of the blue asked to see his baby book. I stalled. Because the truth is…his baby book is basically right here, on the Internets.

“I’ll have to look for it,” I told Henry. Not entirely untrue. I will be looking through these archives and cutting and pasting something tangible, something he can pull out here and there and see, in book form, what he was like as a baby.

Here’s you right after your baptism, Henry.

Look Henry! Here’s your twelve-month portrait!

Here’s you after your black belt ceremony, Henry. Trust us, you did take karate, we promise.

The question is, when will I have time for this? Can I really sit down and go through archives and find everything I need? I suppose so. I mean, it won’t necessarily say what his first solid foods were. But then again, won’t he appreciate the story of how his four older brothers crowded around him each morning before they left for school, all wanting to bestow one last kiss upon their beloved little baby?

Ummm, I can hear Henry thinking, no thanks. I’d rather have the food list, if you don’t mind.

No, no, I’m sure it will all work out. Baby books for the four oldest, a blog for the littles. That’s fair right?

There’s no easy answer here. Because I’m all Old School and the thought of trusting it all in digital form seems a) risky and b) lame. Of course the bigger question is how old will my children be before I have time to rebuild a baby book? I’m thinking…ancient.


  1. LOL – I’m the youngest of six. There are far fewer pictures and items of interest about us cabooses, but we don[t mind 😉

  2. Baby book? Ha! I knew myself and told everyone that I didn’t want any, because I knew I would never do them. I think the oldest has her name in it and I’m pretty sure the other two were regifted. I take lots of pictures, though, mostly. um sometimes I remember to download them off the computer. GAAAAAAAAA – I’m a horrible mother.

  3. Kris Chatfield says:

    I’ve got one for all 4 boys, but mostly just kept it up through their first year and then wrote something small in there on their birthday. I write height and weight each year, so I can see size and compare where someone is to their older brother at the same age. Where I’m totally lame is pictures. Mostly anything after 2001 is on the computer, never to be seen again. Totally lame.

  4. Before I had kids I made a resolution that I was going to have a complete baby book for every single one of my children. I knew way too many moms who felt guilty about not having one for the younger kids. I figured this way my kids could say whatever they wanted about me as a mom – but they would at least have a complete baby book to prove that I loved them at some point 😉 …. Little did I know that when I made this promise I would have 5 boys in 7 years ( The baby was born last Monday). And oh my gosh! It’s so hard to keep up on them all but I think (hope) I’ll be glad I did it when they are older.

  5. And this is why I turn my blog into a book every year, instant memory book for the kiddos!

  6. One thing you might want to try-and I’m not sure whether it is supported for WordPress blogs-is I have created books from my blogs on them before, and it’s actually rather user-friendly. You can work on it as you have time and automatically saves. All of your posts from a certain time are imported and then you can delete them as needed. They have tutorials, too.

    All that to say, I only have 3 kids and my third’s baby album consists of 4 pages at this point. He keeps looking at books we have of the other boys and says “Where’s Owen?”. So he might have a bit of a complex. Oops.

  7. We pulled out my baby book this weekend, after telling my parents that I’m pregnant for the first time. I had to laugh when I realized that, even as the eldest, my baby book was not very complete – but my dental hygienist mom had recorded, in great detail and technical language, every little thing about my teeth and gums and dental development, from first tooth to first dental appointment to which teeth erupted when and were lost when.

  8. Aunt Catherine says:

    Jeremiah thinks it is weird that I still have the hair from his first haircut. Haha.

  9. What if you just take screen shots of the appropriate blog posts, and then upload those images into a digital scrapbook (Shutterfly or Snapfish), and get that printed? Might be a time/sanity-saving compromise. Good luck!