Life with a daughter…

is a little like having a cat.

20131120_161450 20131120_161504

If I had a cat.

This is what I imagine it’s like.

I told my friend Carrie the other day, “I sometimes think that if Isa could climb up and hop onto my tongue, she’d want to just hang there all day. Sitting atop, surveying the scene.” Peering out, like a little cat.

She wants to be right there beside me. Very sweet, very contrary to my past experience with boys.


  1. My daughter loves to be around me at all times as well. Although now that she’s nine she’s less all up in my space than she used to be. It’s quite a different story with my son. He likes hugs from mom but he also really loves his alone time!

    So glad you have a little girl in the mix!

  2. Interesting. I only have 2 boys so far, but my second is much more like you describe. We always joke that if he could just crawl back inside me, he probably would. Of course, he’s only just 2, so we’ll see how he is as he ages. For now I’m trying to enjoy it and not feel smothered. 🙂

  3. We have two kids, a boy -10 and a girl – 6 and have recently adopted (a now 12 wk. old) kitten. DD and the kitty both love to snuggle to me. The kitty and DS love to snuggle up to each other. It is very sweet and wonderful to watch all the bonding going on. They are also learning about love, love for god’s creatures and having enough love to go around to everyone in the family. Thank you for your great posts, many, many, many of them cause me to pause and think! And yes, laugh! Even the one you took down not too long ago. I felt a little funny when I read that you’d removed it… as if I was a little strange to have felt that I had walked away with something positive from it even though you didn’t feel it was worthy of keeping it up.
    Wishing you a happy week!

  4. Maybe someday I’ll know how that feels… I just found out yesterday that I’m expecting boy #3. The news made me think of you. 😉

  5. Wait, boys don’t generally do that??? My mind is kind of blown. I have all girls (6 of ’em) and have forgotten what personal space feels like. My “baby” is 3, though, so this is a nice reminder to enjoy the moment while it lasts! Teenage girls definitely do not like a lot of snuggling, in my experience. 🙂

  6. Yes! My daughter is attached to me too!