Turbo Speed

This weekend was one of those outrageously packed-to-the-gills happenings, every slot of every segment of the days filled. But it was all really fun stuff, so I just sort of put my weight in my heels and steadied myself for the ride.

Today, I’m feeling it.

The take-away from this post, I can already tell before I weave my way to the end, is: I need to scale back. We have four boys on four different basketball teams (and one boy on two teams) and I’ve been trying to go to all the games. Unless the middle school boys are playing at the same time as the high school. Then Paul goes to the high school games (since he coaches the JV anyway) and I go to the other gym.

Friday night we were at our gym for four-and-a-half hours, and we were ALL zombies by the end. Saturday morning, we headed right back down and in between games I scooted home to work on a few projects. Saturday night I took the boys to a concert (Matt Maher for the win!) and that afternoon, I was able to interview Matt (first name basis fo’ shizzle) (my sister is good friends with him!). See my Instagram for proof. Pics because it DID happen.

That was a ton of fun. After the show Saturday, I spent some time with my sister (happy birthday Jojo!) and her husband and Paul and Jojo’s good friend Matt (you know, the one from the concert? I AM NOT EVEN LYING) then Sunday we had early Mass and then headed out to get our tree at the same place we go every single year out in the middle of nowheresville (we took a break one year in recent history, the details are hazy).

My point in the rehash is to show it was a ton of stuff but all really good and awesome stuff. But still, today I just feel a little stretched.

One friend had a good suggestion for me: to look at the schedule for the week and decide what games I’m going to attend, and let the boys know. Because right now my plan is to do them all, with Isa and Henry in tow, and it’s exhausting. And it’s not like I see everything, even when I’m trying to be everywhere for all of the things. Elliott had a really awesome first quarter in his Saturday game, for example, and I missed just that quarter. I was there for the rest of the game, but still missed him helping his team get up 15-0 by the first buzzer. So, you know, even going to “everything” I’m still missing things.

In other news, any suggestions on blog feeds? Once google reader vanished (like they kept promising they would, but I just didn’t believe them I guess) I can’t even remember WHO I used to read. It’s like this whole part of my Internet world disappeared! Who should I read? How should I organize my feeds? Help!!

And God bless you. I hope your Advent: Week II is going great, filled with peace and joy and expectant hope. And sanity. Lots and lots of sanity.


  1. I only have two kids with two basketball practices and I always feel tired. I can only imagine your level of exhaustion. Hopefully picking and choosing which games to attend each week will help you. I use Blog loving to keep up with my blogs.

  2. Try Feedly. They found my Google Feed and imported everything. The layout is similar and you can pick background colors too.

  3. I’ve made the switch to Feedly, too. It was very easy and though I was hanging onto Google Reader until the bitter end, I’ve gotten used to the change. One nice thing you can do on Feedly is put your blogs into different categories, which I find useful.

  4. Matt Maher?? So jealous!! He’s awesome!

  5. scotch meg says:

    Rachel, thank you so much for reminding me that being overly busy is not just my personal little problem. You are doing so much more than I am right now!

    Picking and choosing does work, and it’s fairer to the littles, so that they aren’t living their lives courtside. Talk it over as a family – would the boys be happy if you went to one game per kid per week? Every other week? What’s realistic for you and for them? What schedule will enable you to do some fun things with Henry? I think his needs should be the counterbalance, because he’s the one who’s both little and in school, so you don’t have the same flexibility as you have for spending some special time with Isa. Then again, maybe Henry WANTS to be courtside all the time, because that’s where the big boy action is.

    Every family is different, but I can tell you that last year I did the pick-and-choose with concerts. I never expected that the number of concerts could rival the number of soccer games from way back when – but last year, it did. Even with only two kids at home and one at a college that is close enough for me to get to concerts. When I was sensible about what I’d get to hear and what I’d miss, it worked a lot better.

    Good luck and blessed Advent.

  6. Feedly! It’s where I read you.

  7. I tried several readers before I settled on theoldreader.com. They’ve had some bumps but it’s the closest to the google reader experience, and is easy to manage. It will allow you to sort your feeds into categories as well. Let us know what you decide. I tried Feedly and just couldn’t get through the learning curve.

  8. Hey Rachel! I think most of my favorites came from you anyway, but just in case here they are: In The Sheepfold, Clover Lane, Simcha Fisher. Carrots for Michaelmas is very good, as is Just Showing Up. And I love Matt Walsh and Bad Catholic. I would love for you to check out my blog, asthefamilygoes.blogspot.com – you were the first Catholic blogger I ever started to follow, and I feel like you get me! Anyway, hope you find your list and thanks for sharing your life. From Georgia to the East Coast of Canada and beyond, your witness is encouraging to Moms everywhere!

  9. I second the old reader! I tried feedly and flipboard but much prefer The Old Reader