Evening Lauds

Tonight was one of those super-weird and hilarious evenings of putting the kids to bed. At one point I looked over to see Isabel walking about with a bottle of holy water, asking each of her brothers if she could pray over them. She’s on a kick with holy water, wanting to pray over me, wanting me to pray over her.

But it’s very sweet. This morning when Paul was leaving to take his dad to the hospital, I felt compelled to pray over him with holy water, inspired by my three-year-old daughter.

Earlier in the evening, after dinner, I’d been explaining to Elliott that the secret to making one’s bed is to pull the covers up to one’s chin before getting up.

“You are laying there,” I explained, “and you pull the sheet nice and straight. And then you get the comforter lined up. And then you sort of geeeently roll to the side and out from under.”

“I don’t really want to try that hard,” was his quick, honest reply.

“It gets no easier than that,” I told him.

“I mean with the rolling,” he said.

Henry is stil battling Butt Rash 2.0 and it’s possible we need to go get him checked out. But being a Veteran Mom and all, I’m giving myself a few extra days. There is something especially agitating about bringing the child into the doctor and getting a clean bill of health. I mean, I enjoy that of course. But at this stage of the game — nearly 18 years of parenting under my belt! — I kind of like to think I’ve got it all figured out.

Which, as we all know, I do not. But every so often I like to entertain that thought, drag it out for a day or two.

Basketball is winding down for the season and I know you are all getting really sad about that because what will Rachel wring her hands about now? But I know you love me and (more importantly) I know I’m not the only lunatic who is equal parts hating basketball and crazy in love with basketball. A HOUSE DIVIDED. The house being my mental state.

Here’s something interesting: Paul’s dad was scheduled to have surgery on his bladder tomorrow (Friday) because he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was to check in to the hospital today and in the meantime of course we’ve been storming heaven for a miracle.

Today he and Paul showed up to get him checked in and prepped for surgery and he was told to go see his doctor, they are reconsidering the approach to surgery. Turns out he might not need his bladder removed.

Now I’m very sorry to all of who feeling like this is TMI but two things: please do pray for a miracle. How amazing would it be for Buelo to discover tomorrow he is cancer-free? And two, don’t forget to pray for what you want, for the desires of your heart.

A dear, dear friend emailed me this morning with a prayer request and she just said it so beautifully: it’s not like God doesn’t know our hearts, let’s not be afraid to ask. Let’s not be afraid that if we don’t get our way, we won’t feel God’s love.

Let’s just believe! And live large in our faith.

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  1. Praying for a miracle, I do believe in them too!

  2. That is beautiful Rachel, I love your friend’s sentiment.
    Poor Henry, I hope he feels better. Totally get you about the drs. appts. I try to stay out of there as much as possible. What do they know anyways? (I’m kidding, but not really.)

  3. On making up the bed, I find it easier not to do the roll/slide out thing. I just flip back the top corner of the side I’m exiting and them flip it back up. Much easier. Tell Elliott.

    Praying for Paul B. Hope all news is wonderful. And for Henry’s bummer bum. Poor little guy.

  4. elisabeth heien says:

    Praying for him! MY father-in-law was diagnosed w bladder cancer a few years back, and we naturally thought the worst, but with some further tests the doctors were able to just remove the cancerous cells and leave the bladder. He has to go in for check-ups every 4 months for the rest of his life (he’s 90) and he’s had to have the same surgery twiuce more, but he HAS been able to keep his bladder and in-between sufrgeires, he’s fit as a fiddle. So, miracles do happen! Sometimes SOME specialists think it’s “easier” to just remove the baldder and then be finished with it, rather than constant check-ups and possible need for re-ops, but the patient may not agree. My father-in-law certainly is more happy this way!

    • elisabeth heien says:

      haha, some “too-rapid-fingers”mis-spells here, but I think you got the drift, lol I particularly like the “sufrgeires”… surgeries would be a better word, hee hee.