Nothing to Complain About

soccer life

Soccer today was glorious

Ya’ll. I am so tired. Also, I’m discouraged because my computer is trying to convince me to change “ya’ll” to “Yawl.” I mean. It’s like she doesn’t even know me.

Let’s try this: y’all. There. I guess I was spelling it wrong after all.

Related: whenever I’m in Boston it just stands out like a bulbous pimple how much I use that word. And I’m all “if I’m wrong, I don’t wanna be right (y’all).” Because I’m sorry but I simply cannot imagine living in a world where that word didn’t exist. How would you be able to communicate to the group that you’re including all them folks in yer thoughts. Not YOU. ALL Y’ALL.

Back to my fatigue: long day. Wanna hear about it? No? So anyway…back to my day.

Here’s a funny thing about my schedule right now: I have several days a week where everyone is gone at school. So I have these nice bursts of time not really for “me” (but it can be for me if I want I guess) but where I can do what I need to do in a really peaceful fashion. And for some reason, because I like to make life complicated, I started feeling almost guilty. Like it’s just very strange to be able to tidy the house or plan the menu or grocery shop without it being a pull-yo-hairs-out activity. This is a new season for me.

But then I realized: it’s all about pacing myself. Because once upon a time life during the day was super intense but then 7 pm rolled around and the evening belonged to me. It was all mine! Me and Paul and whatever we wanted to do. I have a lot of memories of us eating ice cream and p*owning the remote.

And see, those days? GONE. I realized that 9am-1pm is the new 7pm. Kinda like Orange is the New Black or whatever (I don’t watch that show so if it’s offensive mea culpa). But you see what I mean? It’s like I have to find my sanity where I can and pacing myself and getting on top of my life (to the best of my abilities) happens when it does. Now, with lots of teenage boys, it’s no longer happening at night. Everything is swapped up.

It used to be that after dinner and bath and bedtime, I’d do that clean-up and last tidy and go to bed with everything just so, ready to start the day with a nice and clean slate. Now I do those things knowing that there is a very good chance that I’ll wake up to find dishes in the sink. Late night snack, a late basketball game watched after I retired. I appreciate (as per our agreement) that the boys and Paul don’t leave the front room a mess — they do a great job with that — but it’s definitely a new thing to go to bed before other people. So now, I embrace my new “everything in its place” time as after people go to school. Kitchen cleaned, house quiet, a few hours of stuff staying put.

I know this might sound crazy but it was a big deal for me to figure out this new routine, a way to find peace during this busy season. Today included a visit to Adoration and a nice morning run, some peaceful cleaning, an easy jaunt to the store. And the afternoon involved carpool and a basketball game and then a soccer game and then dinner and then getting people out the door to Scouts. And then getting little people tucked in only to have bigger people leaving and then coming and then going again. Whiplash and craziness and thank you Lord for LIFE and living and the peaceful times and also the wild. We’ll take it, whatever you send.

soccer girl

Here’s my girl at a soccer game a few seasons ago. Time flies.

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  1. Amy Pelletier says:

    As a native Bostonian, I can say that Y’all is a lot more civilized than the New England “you guys” or worse, “youze guys”.
    Also, this thing where I go to bed earlier than the teens is pretty strange for me as well.

  2. life during the day was super intense but then 7 pm rolled around and the evening belonged to me. It was all mine! … whatever we wanted to do.

    THIS is our life right now! And thanks to being the lastonesweknowtohavebabies — we know it’s temporary. Like everything.

    And y’all IS the best. I say this as the native New Yorker (‘CUSE!) who lived for sixteen GLORIOUS years in NC and now 7 miles north of Boston raising 3 boys under 3.5 … I employ Y’ALL routinely. xoxo

  3. I love “y’all” and wouldn’t trade it for the world! And I love this post – life is all about treasuring the season you are in and it sounds like you are doing just that!

  4. That was a hard transition for me Rachel. That “clean kitchen, every one tucked in bed, I have a moment to myself” time–never thought it would be gone-why didn’t someone tell me? Now I am in bed late and there is a very good chance (especially in the summer) that someone or two or three is making an evening snack (or really second dinner?) or that another teenage that is not my own is in my house. Last night I was tucking kids into bed (reading Little House), proofreading a paper, signing a field trip release, nursing a baby, getting a load of laundry in…after 9:00 p.m. Or was it 10:00? I don’t even know.
    I loved this post Rachel-I love that we learn to embrace the wild!

  5. As a native Californian I’ve never said y’all but I always say “you guys.” Lol. I haven’t hit the teen years yet but I’m wondering what it will be like next year when my last baby starts preschool. I’ll have three hours to myself three days a week and I’m not looking forward to not having a little guy at my side! (Maybe I’ll feel different once it happens.)

  6. So true! Our nights are getting later and the food thing, ugh! I remember you posted a while ago about good being prepared after the kitchen was “closed” for the night and how that drove you nuts. I always remembered that because that was my first clue that it was going to change around here with teenagers. And sure enough….it has! Trying to embrace it!!