Movie thoughts: The Identical

identicalPaul and I had the chance to watch a good movie recently, one that’s coming to theaters next week.

The Identical is about twin boys separated at birth; one becomes a famous musician and the other spends years trying to figure out what exactly he’s been called to do with his life. It’s an interesting look at making peace with who we are and who God made us to be, and how hard it can be if that doesn’t seem to jive with someone else’s perception of your life calling.

It’s a great family film, by which I mean it’s one of those rare gems that you can sit and watch with your children. No awkward scenes, no bad language. None of those too-often movie moments where you wonder what exactly you’ve just exposed your children to.

We’re going to watch the movie with our boys, because I think it will open up a good discussion on the importance of discerning God-given gifts, and how to figure out what to do with your life (ie, pray about it, seek counsel, consider the gifts God has given you). Lots of good food for thought in this movie, I’m so glad we got to watch it!

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