You’re Invited to a Book Club!

cat lady

Never ever dreamed I’d be sitting here petting a cat. Super weird, but this picture seems to go along with me starting a book club, right?

I’ve been in some weird non-writing parallel universe for a while. Not a long time and not totally non-writing but due to a combination of issues (my lack of organization in this space, for starters) I haven’t really had the time or interest in writing here. I’ve been at this blogging gig a LOOOOONGGGG time and I had to really step away from it to decide where I was going from here.

Long story short: I’m still here, and I’ve got a plan! Hip hip, hooray!

I’ll spare everyone my naval-gazing introspection on why blogging gets harder as your kids get bigger (you can imagine though…) and also why, as your kids get bigger, all those empty spaces in your day when you stayed home with a bunch of babies? They are GONE. Like, no more do I make blogging a priority because right now sitting isn’t exactly a priority. I mean, on the one hand I have more time to myself. But on the other hand my day is super compartmentalized into two and three hour segments which leaves me just enough time to grocery shop or clean or run back to the grocery store one more time. Life with big kids is just, well, bigger.

So I’ve been mulling my plans for this space and I’ve made them and here they are:

Still here. Still blogging. Doing more non-bloggy professional things but don’t want to not be here too!

I’m excited about some projects I’ve got coming up, and I’ll share about them soon. In fact, on December 1 I’ll be here with a new approach and some new voices (not my voices, other people, don’t get nervous) and I think it’s going to be wonderful.

BUT FIRST: I want to personally invite each one of you to my very first New Endeavor on the blog, which is a virtual book study. Wanna join? You’re in!

We will be reading Boundaries and the book study will begin one week from today. Go check out the book and if it sounds like it’s for you (it is, it’s awesome) go write this on your calendar:

Boundaries Book Study, Monday, November 24, Testosterhome.netΒ 

Leave a comment and let me know you’re in, or if you have questions ask away! I think it will be fun and the book is amazing. Already I’ve had several profound changes in my ability to deal with others and I think reading this book during the holiday season will be worth your time!

Can’t wait to hang with you!


  1. Hi Rachel!

    Just wondering if you recommend ordering the workbook as well?
    Looking forward to this book study.

    • I had not planned on using the workbook, was going to just discuss each chapter as we went through. We could revisit that after a few weeks though…

    • And thanks for participating!

      • Good! That’s more my speed. Too much effort with the “extra” stuff gets me discouraged. I, like you, have a large family, 5 girls & 3 boys. Finding time to read is sometimes a challenge, the workbook would just put me over the top! Looking forward to making some new online friends!

  2. First of all, I have missed you! I so look forward to reading your blog. Second, I love that you are petting a cat! Did you guys get a cat or is it a friend’s? I have 2 cats (and a dog) and the cats are wonderful, sweet, soft companions. And they keep my feet warm at night. =) Welcome back.

    • I can’t believe we have a cat! I’ve always been a non-cat person. We got it from friends who found it under their porch and let our boy Charlie take him home! He is the perfect pet!

  3. i have never participated in a virtual activity, but will try. So you comment any time all that day or at a certain time?

    • So my plan is to post early in the day and have people comment when they can! Really any time during the week that works for people, and then leave comments on other comments as desired. If that gets too crazy I will revisit my plan! Thanks, so happy you are joining!

  4. Sounds great – I’m in!

  5. Linda Weddle says:

    I’m in Rachel!!! Sounds like fun and certainly covers a topic I need help dealing with.

  6. I’m in! But made need to find the audio version!

  7. Bev Firmin says:

    This is a great book! I’m in!

  8. Mollie and I were just talking about reading this and chatting about it! I’m in!

  9. I’m thinking about this – the book looks interesting and useful!

  10. I would love this!

  11. I’m in Rachel. Looking forward to it. Thanks for leading.

  12. I would love to! Let’s see if I can find the time!

  13. Debbie Cosper says:

    That is too funny! I just ordered Boundaries for Kids from amazon on Sunday. I am hoping to us in my classroom. πŸ™‚

  14. I am in! may get my husband to read also.

  15. I’m in! I’ve had the book for a year – now I will make the time to read it!

  16. I’m in. I will order it today! Always looking for new stuff to read. Will you email or do we need to catch you on FB?

    • My plan is to just post thoughts in the comments section of that day’s blog entry. I *think* that will work and if it’s more confusing than I anticipated we can regroup. So glad you are joining!

  17. I just picked this book up from the library this past Friday having no idea this was the book for your online book club. I am taking that as a..I must do this. It will make me read it cause I was just going to return it. Thanks!

  18. I’m definitely in! Have always wanted to read the book!


  19. Jen5253 Range says:

    I’ve been wanting to read this book for quite some time, so I’m in and I’m looking forward to it!!!

  20. In! Great idea!

  21. Deborah Wilson says:

    Ooh I just ordered the book and the workbook too. It will be here Friday.

  22. Michael-Ann Schrick says:

    Count me in. I read this book several years ago. I could use another look and study of it.

  23. Just got the book

  24. Mama Turtle says:

    I’m in πŸ™‚ This looks like a great choice!

  25. Looking forward to it! Thanks for doing this!

  26. I’m in!! I can’t wait to read this!

  27. I just reserved it from the library! Sounds like my kind of book club, where I don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time, but still accountable to get my reading done! Thanks so much! Are we reading a chapter a week?

  28. I’m in! I SO need this book!

  29. Michelle Ross says:

    I’m in! Post details when you can!

  30. Margaret in VA says:

    I need to read this again. Great idea! How many chapters for Monday?

  31. I am in, as long as we don’t need a cat to participate ;). Looking forward to reading this and chatting about it with some friends.

  32. So happy to have found you…it’s been a few days ago, but I think I was either on Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog or maybe Elizabeth Scalia’s…can’t remember! And I have this book already, but haven’t read it. I’ve also purchased your book to give to my daughter for Christmas…she’s got two little super heroes of her own!