A New Season of Downton!

The book study will be back, I promise! But we just have to discuss the first episode of the new season of Downton Abby. Y’all ready to rumble?

Okay, I’ll be honest with you. My brain is still on Holiday Mode, which means it has gotten accustomed to non-stop noise, revelry and general sensory overload and thus, when I sat down to watch the show last night I was a little like “is this really happening?” Is it weird to admit that I experienced some out-of-body hang-time during viewing?

Hopefully I can remember the key points (for myself) and then please add what I missed. So much! And yes, I realize this is a glorified soap opera (with better accents) but because there is history involved I shall dismiss your criticism and bid you Good DAY SIR.

1. For starters, this is by no means the most important thing that happened last night but I think they’ve let the actress who plays Anna start wearing make-up during filming. She looked really good, better color than usual. Agreed?

2. Buh-bye, Jimmy. Dude, what are you thinking? Gross. Also, ick.

3. Oh SHEESH we will never get rid of Thomas. You realize that, right? I’m feeling really sorry for myself because I was doing a little jig when he got SCHOOLED by Cora only to retract those feelings of glee a few minutes later. Buzz. Killed. And know it’s all by design but it’s still very tiring.


4. What did Baxter do? Any theories? I’m guessing someone put her up to stealing, etc, and I hope we get to hear about it soon. But what would be even better is if the tension between she and Thomas would just disappear. It makes me positively anxious to watch their exchanges. I like that Baxter stands her ground but it’s all so intense.

5. BATES KILLED A MAN. Oh gosh, did I say that out loud? It’s just that all the secrets are making me dizzy.

6. The storyline with the little girl and Edith is killing me. Enough said.

7. Moseley’s hair. I want to find its twitter account.

8. The school teacher who came to dinner: I just couldn’t even stand this. I’d like the think someone invited to such an event would have the good manners or at the very least common sense to just shut up. Right? It was so frustrating to watch her total lack of propriety. I get that she doesn’t like the way things are, and that there is a move in society for change among the people, but would someone really have been so rude and dense?

You tell me…



  1. Rachel, I thought of you last night as I was watching DA because your posts about it last year were so fun. I loooved the premiere — so many great plotlines were hinted at. I predict a good season.

    Edith’s storyline gets me, too. But her baby-daddy is totally coming back into the picture; I can feel it.

    I think Tom’s evolution will be interesting. He has to figure out which parts of the “old Tom” are still alive, even though he has made an uneasy peace with the “new Tom.” I liked the conversation he had with Lord G by the fire after the dinner party; that hinted at some fascinating soul-searching for Tom this season.

    “Moseley, you look rather Latin all of a sudden.” Best line of the night.

    And where is the pig guy? (in other words, Mary’s other love interest?) I liked him. Hope he’ll be back.

  2. Isn’t Downton a beautiful excuse to sit still for over an hour? I ended the night thinking I NEEDED a cloche hat after seeing so many on screen and promptly started looking at them online. And then wanted to dig out my mom’s long gloves to wear….can’t get enough of their costumes! I too couldn’t stand that teacher at the dinner. It is one thing to have strong opinions, but another to be just plain rude and ill mannered. I loved Mr. Carson’s loyalty and sensitivity to Lord Grantham’s feelings about the committee’s decision…such a humble, honorable man that Mr. Carson is!

  3. Mary Kate says:

    Yes, yes and YES to all you said about….ALL of it.

    Here’s my new epiphany (very seasonal, right?) about Bates: not only did he kill Mr. Green, but he really DID poison his first wife! Go back to whatever season he was in jail (season 2? 3?) and watch the scene where Anna is visiting him and he asks her “do you never doubt?”. At the time, all of our focus was on her reply, but what if he was asking it to test her? To see if she ever doubted him and his innocence….because he actually had committed murder???

    Thanks for starting these re-caps again, because my husband thinks I’m insane! 🙂

  4. Yes to everything you said.

    Can I just throw out a theory here? I believe that Edith is actually the daughter of Rosamund, Robert’s sister. Think about it. She was so very helpful, understanding, and supportive of Edith last season. And Edith has never fit in the family – neither in looks nor personality. I think it will come out that she is actually her daughter, and then that knowledge will give her the courage to reclaim her own daughter.

    Last season when Edith told her about the pregnancy, Edith said something like, “You have no idea what this is like.” And Rosamund replied, “You might be surprised.”

    Your thoughts?

  5. I couldn’t wait for the new season to start! I agree that the teacher made a complete fool of herself. I hope Tom embraces some sort of middle-ground between his past and present to move forward in a positive way.

    I was surprised by Mary wanting to “try out” her prospective husband. We all know that loving intimacy flows from being totally in-love with whomever we marry– the tactical can be worked out later! She seems to be confused on that point. =)

    • It seems like they are exploring some part of history with the “lovers” approach, is my thinking. Like people were starting to get “modern” with their thinking? Of course I agree with you and I’m surprised Mary didn’t learn her lesson with Mr. Pamouk, but when stuff seems out of place I tend to blame it on Mr. Fellowes trying to teach us a history lesson…

  6. I so agree regarding the teacher. Even by today’s standards, she was hideously rude. Tom needs to run away fast from this dreadful woman.

  7. I love this! I love talking Downton. This is the first season we have watched it LIVE. We were so pumped we could get in Iowa Public Television on with our digital antenna.

    Ok, can I just say something about Lord Gilligham (sp?) and Mary’s idea/proposal?

    It’s called a HONEYMOON! That week away of getting to “know each other” happens after the wedding not before dude. Didn’t Mary learn anything from Season ONE!? Hello that was such a big deal and she couldn’t tell anyone and she didn’t think Matthew would want her blah blah blah…. and now she’s just gonna throw that all to the wind and go away with LG for a week?! Whatever! 🙂

  8. My theories:

    1. Edith is totally Rosamond’s child.

    2. Can’t believe Bates killed anyone.

    3. Gregson will return. Would have to Google what was happening in Germany to keep him away so long.

    4. Teacher = 100% insufferable. You can disagree and not be quite that horrible.

    5. Totally agree with Tisha: Mary has a short memory when it comes to clandestine trysts. But I bet she takes him up on his offer.

    6. The Dowager’s trying awfully hard to get Mrs. Crawley and the good doctor together. I think it will work. And I hope it does.

    7. How many more servants will have secretly done hard time? I really like Baxter, but this seems too much like the Bates’ mystery in season 1.

  9. Remember the scene where Mary, Edith and Rose come down the stairs in the red, green and blue flapper gowns? I want one. The green or blue one since that shade of red totally wouldn’t look right on me.

    You are so right about Edith and Rosamund.

    • I totally felt that way about last season’s clothes. Cora had some shirts that were amazing. I need a tailor, STAT.

  10. I totally think Edith is Rosamund’s daughter. I was so looking forward to Downton, but to be honest, I thought it was just ok… The fire could have gone to more rooms and made it more exciting. There was nothing to keep me hanging like the past. Although Maggie Smith trying to play matchmaker was hilarious!

  11. I agree with all of this, Rachel! All my comments are too long to clog your com box but my two cents are here – http://www.revolutionoflove.com/blog/tv-talk-downton-abbey-season-5-episode-1-recap/ 🙂