Well here we are half-way through the week and I still haven’t even said anything about the premiere of Downton Abby Season 6 way back a million years ago (last Sunday). I’m going to be honest: I spent almost the entire hour of that show with my hand pressed against my left eye because while I was in the shower (a quick flash of refreshment to get mah-self all ready for MY STORIES), a fleck of soap hopped into my eyeball arena and agitated the scene greatly.

So there I sat, trying to soak in the opening moments of this long-anticipated drama filled with the sufferings and fate of real people whom I know and LOVE, all the while wrestling with a tiny fire brewing in my corneal region and lo it was exhausting. I thought I might go back and watch the show again, once I could really see with clarity and not through a haze of soapy tears, but the week flew by and the second show was starting on yet another Sunday night before I even had time to reconsider my viewing plans.

Let’s just call Week One…uneventful? You tell me. What did I miss in my burning vapor of suffering?

The good news is no one is dead, yet. We are hearing through letters (clever!) that Tom is well in America, and Rose is planning to summer in the Hamptons (Oh neat! The wealthy have always done that!) and she might be pregnant and return home. Everyone is reading between the lines but again, we can thank Julian for sparing us any more car wrecks and traumatic child-birth death scenes, for now.

anna happy

Week Two was — wow! So many modern day real issues mixed in with the scene.

Let’s start with the wedding, oh God bless you Carson. You have gotten yourself in a classic Mommy-vs-the-Bride situation, except your bride knows better than to put up or shut up. She isn’t being a jerk about it, but she doesn’t have to please anyone. Mrs. Hughes doesn’t have to worry about thirty years of keeping the peace between mother-and-son so in the battle between Mary’s generosity/plan for the day and Mrs. Hughes, well you’re actually going to have to make a decision.

This isn’t going away on its own, is it?


Just give your beloved what she wants, stop putting everyone else’s needs above your own. It’s okay to say you don’t put yourself first but now you’re in a new place where the two have become one (or are about to) and it’s not fair to lump Mrs. Hughes in with your “I have no opinion in the matter” ways. She does have an opinion, stand up for her.

As for Mary, God bless her, as well. She means well, but she’s one of those people (God love ’em) who are so sure of the goodness of their own heart and the generosity of their sweeping altruism that they don’t stop to consider (as Cora is so wise to point out) that there might be another plan that would work better. I don’t begrudge Mary of course, but it’s a little comical (just a tad) to see how blind she is to the possibility of something other than her idea being the ideal.

Speaking of Mary, I enjoyed her little heart to heart with poor, suffering Anna. They reminisced about the good times, the dead bodies and sneaky trysts in the big city and how Mary really does owe Anna a trip to the fertility doctor because heck, look at all the skeletons she’s patrolling in Mary’s closet.


“It’s the least I can do,” Mary says through a cracked smile, “after you helped me drag dear, dead Pamuk down the grand Abby staircase.”


Or something like that.

Edith! Fire that editor and hire a woman. I’m afraid in this day and age maybe that’s the only way you’re going to get the respect you aren’t quite ready to demand.

Oh golly I was really about to lose it with the Marigold scene. “We didn’t account for emotion,” says the sweet farmer who is just precious except for the fact that he put his poor, tormented wife in this situation in the first place. I’m glad the Marigold abduction scene ended with a zero body count, and I’m not trying to be uncouth. Julian got me on edge with his Season 6 powers.


Sin begets sin and all the secrets, it’s so exhausting. I guess the point is times forced people to be secretive and horrible and because people couldn’t just live their lives in the open life was tough (did I learn the lesson correctly, Mr. Fellowes?). But the bigger issue of course is that trying to keep things hidden hurts more people than just yourself.

It all feels very helpless but I guess at the end of the day Daisy’s former kinda-father-in-law will end up getting some land to work, don’t you think?

daisy dad

The nice thing about this being the end of the series is I’m hoping we will be treated to some happy closure in these situations…

Will Anna and Bates finally overcome ALL OF THE THINGS?

Will Mrs. Hughes get the pub wedding of her dreams (I hope so, I love her reasoning on the matter)?

Will Edith tell Mary her dark secret and the two sisters finally build a bridge and walk hand-in-hand over it to leave their issues behind?

Will Anna quit wearing that horrible wig?

Sunday is just a few days away!