Downton YEAH!

So Thomas has feelings.

We have been privy to this fact for a few weeks now, and unbeknownst to Carson and Lord Grantham, Thomas is really hurting. I was feeling bad about how poorly he’s been treated until I remembered: once upon a time, Thomas was a conniving twit. And just like that, he’s become a human with human emotions and we’re supposed to just start rooting for him and feeling bad?

thomas butler

Totally. We are. And I do. I feel for the man and I hope he gets not what he deserves (from the beginning of the show anyway) but what he has come to want — a sense of belonging, a place to feel needed and loved.

Oh Mary, you got yours, didn’t you?

Can I just admit that I’m so into the show right now, with all the love connections and the roads toward resolution, that I’m not too interested anymore in comeuppance. Mary has a “way” about her, but it’s her.

lady mary

Of course all that sentiment went out the window when she “outed” Edith and Marigold — could I even believe my eyes? But Tom was so angry at her that I felt better about things. The truth is: Edith wasn’t really trying to pull the wool over Bertie’s eyes, she simply had not worked up the courage to be honest. I guess Mary moved things along.


But really, I’m happy for Mary. I love that everyone fought so hard to help her help herself. God bless her, that’s got to be scary, having to deal with those same emotions from her husband’s crash, but the wisdom and honesty showered upon her was beautiful and sweet. (She’s still a pain in the butt, but a lovable pain…it’s complicated.) Henry Talbot is a dreamboat, and I shall henceforth call him The Dreamy Mechanic.


Oh Mrs. Patmore! Sweet victory.


A house of ill-repute turned livelihood (in a good way, not bad).

What I have grown to love about this show, and these episodes of late, is the wisdom and victory of the “older” women. They get to win! It’s not about their time being gone and the fun and life going to the younger women. These women — Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Patmore, Cora, Isobel, the DOWAGER — they get to say the good lines and live the good life. They are continuing to evolve and discover themselves, just like women do In Real Life — and we aren’t left all wishing we could be 19 again because that’s where the real fun is.


Mrs. Hughes’ injury was the best. I love that she can love Carson but still work on his olden-timey ways. It’s sweet, their love. She loves him despite this flaw and goodness knows we all have flaws. Having said that, I’m assuming they will go back to eating dinner at the Abbey.

And finally, Molesley. Hip, hip, hooray! His experience reminds me of a book a good friend encouraged me to read this past summer, before I started teaching. The Courage to Teach is all about being yourself when you stand at the front of the classroom, and not who you are worried everyone expects you to be. That’s what Mr. Molesley did and when he started just being who he was — admitting he was in service, but that he wanted these children to have a chance at education — that’s when he started being an effective educator.


Will Tom find romance with Edith’s assistant? (Have you noticed how short all his love interests are?)

Will Spratt find new meaning as a ladies’ advice columnist? (Bananas!)

Will we get to hear the wee babies speak in their English baby language one last time? (Yes, mum, we shall.)

Patmore and Farmer, Daisy and Andrew (our favorite reader!), Carson and Mrs. Hughes, Mary and Henry, Edith and the 7th Marquess of Hexham (woot!) and Thomas and Downtown Abbey — that’s my prediction. Tell me yours!