Quick Thoughts

Another quick blog post because, why not? I’m sitting at my favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant and getting work done. I have to leave the house to work because if I stay at home I will basically find anything to do other than sit and write. You’d think being a writer that I actually like writing. But I find ways to put anything ahead of it if I allow myself. I don’t really understand it. It’s like I want all the stars to align and everything in perfect order before I get down to it.

It’s weird.

So if I were home I would be dealing with the dishwasher and switching over laundry and then a quick spot cleaning of the windows and mirrors in the entire house. Then I would maybe sweep the steps real quick, wipe down a few handprints off every single wall in the house and by then it’s time to scrub a bathroom and switch over the laundry again.

When you put it like that, writing is way more fun but for some strange reason I get my priorities all messed up.

On the school front: we are coming up on two more weeks until Christmas break. It’s not too bad yet. It’s nice that kids don’t realize that two weeks is no time at all. I think when you are a teenager two and three weeks still seems like an eternity (it’s epic for small people). So it’s nice to think things won’t get super crazy until a few days before. But if memory serves me correctly (last year being my first full-time experience) it’s a little bit NUTS.

My brother Josh came and spoke to our high school students today. He did a great job. He’s an alumnus of this school as well (all eight of us went here) and something he shared really inspired me. What one thing can I do today to challenge myself? What can I do that has me pushing a little harder in one area than the day before?

I don’t usually think that way. It’s possible I actually already even do this, but I know I’ve never really thought in those terms. So now I’m thinking: what can I do today to try a little harder? Maybe really make an effort to have personal prayer (I come and go so quickly on that front!). Or perhaps pushing through in work and writing efforts, when I’d rather take a quick break (again!).

On that note: back to work! xo