Instagram Killed the Blogging Star*

*do you get my reference? I’ll explain…

I did something really self-indulgent this week. I deleted social media off my phone.


And that’s not good.

I have this love/hate relationship with Instagram and Twitter. The Facebook ship sailed years ago (way too much info overload for me). I absolutely love and enjoy my time on Insta and Twitter, until I don’t. I will be coasting along having an absolute blast, feeling super connected and in the loop and enjoying it all. And then, I just won’t. It’s weird. And probably common.

Lately, it was just draining the life out of me.

It’s not any one thing. That would be mean to point to one person and say, “YOU, you are the root cause of my suffering.” That’s crazy. Obviously I am the cause, but it’s putting all the moving parts of it together that gets overwhelming. Maybe it’s nature’s way of telling me that I need to take a break. It’s not like I’m walking away forever, but when you know you need a break, you just know.

I’ve done some soul-searching this last week, reflecting on the feelings I feel (my FAVE!) and why I feel them. And I’ve come to some personal conclusions which I’ll spare you. I’m just learning that my reaction is very real, a real reaction to a very not-real problem.

The break, all five days of it so far, has been awesome. It’s allowed my brain to focus on things more important to me than scrolling. And I was scrolling a lot, mostly because with everyone home there are not long periods of quiet. I’m basically always waiting for the next thing — the next interaction, chore, conversation, thing to do. All good things, a constant motion of activity and life. So instead of being able to settle into something mentally, I am inclined to pick up the phone and do something for one to two minutes.

That lended itself to lots of social media. Which starts to get depleting. It got in my head, y’all. In a very intense way.

So I deleted it and here I am. Blogging! Remember that song “Video Killed the Radio Star”? Well, I think instagram did that to my blog. Not that I was a star. But I did love to blog.

Are blogs still a thing? Can we bring them back? Send me a list in the comments (if you’re out there!) of who still blogs and who we should read! Popularity is not the point — just good insight, and FUN. That’s always a winning combination.

For now I will leave you with this picture, Henry and Isabel enjoying some bliss at the lake last week. We found a spot that was open, and we found a spot where no one else was. It was a few hours of pure exhale rejuvenation. Ahhhh. Kinda like writing all this. Just a bit.



  1. I still read blogs and I love it when someone “resurfaces” with a post! FB is soooo stressful, and IG is getting that way, too. My Twitter-boat sailed long, long ago. Social media essential destroys any peace I have managed to scrape together. I like the community-building aspect, but not the community-wrecking aspect, IYKWIM. Keep blogging. 🙂

  2. I’ve never blogged, but I’ve always enjoyed reading yours!

  3. I’m still blogging. It’s strange how much the landscape has changed since I started a blog in 2004, but I’m still at it.

  4. Kelli Sanders says

    Welcome Home! I miss reading blogs and connecting with other mamas in the com box. It was balm to my weary Saturday afternoon soul.

  5. lately it’s just Big Pulpit and Amy Welborn, but fewer is better.