About Me

family shot
My name is Rachel Balducci. Welcome to my world!

I am married to a dashing immigration attorney slash basketball coach slash amateur front-room wrestler. Together, we have produced five lively sons and one daughter. Life is an adventure and I am up for the challenge nearly every single day.

I am a writer and a newspaper columnist. My first book, How Do You Tuck In a Superhero, debuted in April 2010. I’m also a co-host of The Gist, a talk show for women at CatholicTV.

My boys are passionate about basketball, soccer, dinner, Chuck Norris and Legos. Their little sister joins in whenever she can.

I am passionate about a great many things, but find myself compelled to say “laundry” and “keeping my baseboards clean.” Lame.

We live in the South and we are Catholic — a rare combination but not as rare as it once was.

I hope your visit to my little corner of the Internet will bring you a smile and some inspiration — and you go away feeling that you are not alone and you are definitely not crazy.

Thanks for stopping by and blessings to you!