At Play in the Fields

Winding down another soccer season (within the next few weeks).

Here is our survival mat:

Soccer is pretty awesome. I love being outside, the kids love getting to play in the grass and trees and there’s always great fellowship with my friends. I know basketball is the lifeblood of our family and all, but (between you and me) taking the sports aspect out of it, give me a large field of grass any day. It’s way more enjoyable, especially when dealing with small chillruns.

Wilderness Toastmasters

On our family hike today, we stopped at this little gathering spot along the trail. In an effort to extend the peaceful relaxation in the great outdoors, I had each of the boys take a few minutes to either tell a story or recite something they had in their memory bank. It was delightful.

There was a dramatic poetry recitation featuring the Charge of the Light Brigade; a thriller fictional piece; some lines of a play our oldest is in this weekend; the scripture one boy learned for school last month; and a puppet show by Henry, with a hand from Ethan.

New Lighting Scheme

We  had a blow-out in our old chandelier a few weeks ago. Something popped! and a fuse blew and then I went and tried resetting the fuse (no less than five times), with each click of the switch resulting in yet another pop! Something was amiss, I finally decided after the billionth time. Maybe I should step away from the fusebox.

I called our neighbor the electrician and he came over the next day to verify that our chandelier was kaput, that the thingamajig that was fried in one of the little lamp areas had killed the whole dang deal (his exact words). He said I could take it to a repair shop which would probably cost way more than the thing was worth. I’m under the impression the repair shops are for heirloom quality pieces, of which ours was not.

So we opted to go shop for a new fixture and in the end discovered our original light was way too small for our space (who knows what I was thinking way back then in renovation times, probably that the wee little fixture was shiny and cute). This time we really talked to the salesperson who had actual knowledge of what size we should get in order to properly fill the space we had.

And voila!

So lovely. Just right. Not too plain, not too fancy.

The thing that makes me so excited about this is not just how much I love it. It’s that my love for the fixture was validated a few days later when one of my favorite home decorating catalogues came in the mail and lo and behold an almost identical chandelier was now for sale on the pages within. It was like the decorating muses were telling me I had good taste afterall, fear not lowly creature you’re gonna be just fine.

Now a post for another day, not tonight for the hour is late, is all about my DIY (do it yo’self) lamp shades. Did you notice those? The original shades were the classic white which, upon arrival in our home, appeared very builder’s grade. Not the look I was going for.

So I decided to affix some burlap fabric I had tucked away. I did some research and noticed all these complicated methods for attaching fabric to lampshade — pinning ribbon in the center, making a top and bottom liner, etc etc blah blah blah. I didn’t have time for any of that.

But then I had this brilliant idea to buy spray adhesive, spray the shades and wrap my burlap around it. So I did — I cut each strip of the fabric to size and attached and perfection. So so perfect. Ha ha! I thought to myself, NO ONE ELSE had this idea. I am so smart. I’m three steps ahead of everyone on the INTERNETS.

Except, well you probably saw this coming from a mile away. Sadly I did not. Yes, as you might imagine, the heat of the 60 watt bulbs (nine of them) kinda has an effect on the adhesive, rendering it quite un-glue-like (as evidenced by that one shade with the burlap fabric peeling away, did you notice that? It wasn’t your eyes playing tricks on you).

So the rest of the story, the one for another day, will be all about how I remedied this situation.

I will fill you in — as soon as I come up with a suitable plan.

Taking a Breather

I’m concerned that my last post was overwhelming? Or underwhelming? I’m not sure. Does it leave a lot of questions tumbling about?

Paul thinks I might be giving lots of information at once, or perhaps not the kind of information you’re hoping for? Day by day, we’ll take it little bits at a time.

In the meantime, I wanted to walk down memory lane. In high school, I was in the school band. Oh sure we had thirteen people in the band, but it was delightful and darned if we didn’t perform an amazing Pomp and Circumstance one year at graduation, during which time I was playing the clarinet.

But before the clarinet, I played the melodica. And I rocked it.

Almost as good as this guy.