Good Morning, Glory!

Peace, Be Still

Lately, I have not been praying much. I haven’t been exercising at all. I’ve been, I dunno, floating. Existing. Maintaining.

But not thriving.

Practically, it’s important for me to recognize it’s the season. Coming off of Christmas and all the joy and merriment it brings can be a challenge. It’s crazy, that week between Christmas and New Year’s. Yes, Christmas is over, but what is left is the echo of all the noise and flurry — and stuff. Getting the house in order feels next to impossible, at least until bodies are back at school and there is a chance to inhale deeply and dive in for the purge.

Today I finally got on top of things, but it took me hours, hours I tell you! to get motivated and moving. And now that the clutter is cleared, I have the space to take a deep breath and get back to what’s really important. I want to spend time doing what feeds my soul — being present to my husband and children, spending time with Jesus, and spending time with my running shoes. Those things should not be contingent on the state of my house, but sometimes, when things get really bad, I can’t see past the chaos.

The other night I was awake for several hours, fully convinced that I’m failing as a wife and mother. In that deceitful middle-of-the-night haze, it was so obvious to me that I was doing the absolute worst job at everything, that I was dropping the ball consistently and that all hope was lost.

I woke up the next morning and when I told Paul about my thoughts, he laughed. It’s good to articulate the fears, to say them outloud to hear just how crazy they sound.

But it takes more than just telling yourself that — you have to get moving and have some positive experiences in the meantime, not to tip the scales but to show yourself you’re doing a fine job, maybe even better than that.

And beyond all that, there is this:

Do not look forward in fear to the changes of life;

Rather look to them with full hope that as they arise,
God, whose very own you are, will lead you safely
through all things;

And when you cannot stand it, God will carry you
in His arms.

Do not fear what may happen tomorrow;

The same everlasting Father who cares for you today
will take care of you today and every day.

He will either shield you from suffering or will give you
unfailing strength to bear it.

Be at peace and put aside all anxious thoughts and
St. Francis de Sales

and when all else fails, get you some cake

You Don’t Mess with a Guy on a Buffalo

Good morning! Today I’m heading out to a funeral for our dear neighbor Bob V. Please pray for his family today.

In the meantime, enjoy this gem sent along to me by my sister-in-law, Dr. Carolyn. If you need a baby delivered in the Greater Utah area, let me know! Based on this video, it’s obvious she has great taste and is uber-talented (which she is, Buffalo video aside).

Speaking of video, the Gist premieres this morning at 10:30 over at! You can see the live chat at Faith and Family Live! Weee!

Quick Takes, Not-Friday Edition

What? It’s not Friday?

The only way to ease back into this thing is to Just Do It! So here goes

1. The Gist! It premieres this Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. on Catholic TV and at Please check it out!

Here’s a trailer for the show:

2. Elsewhere, I was interviewed over at National Review Online. I was pretty excited as The Corner was one of the first places I’d hang out when I discovered The Internet. Here’s the interview. Many thanks to Kathryn Lopez for the interview!

3. Have I told you about this guy right here?

Probably not, because I didn’t want anyone to think we were nuts. But yes, I got us a puppy for Christmas and I don’t know what came over me. He is sweet and awesome and the boys can’t get enough. Isabel (mostly) shows him who’s the boss (her!) and he is a wonderful addition to our family.

Yes, he’s a puppy so I’m sure there will be lots of aggravation in store for us, but I am confident (right?) that the good will outweigh the bad and hopefully he won’t chew up anything important before he gets to the otherside of puppyhood.

For those who want to know: he’s an English Springer Spaniel and we named him Enzo. As in Enzo Ferrari (natch).

4. I think that’s all. Good thing it’s not Friday, because this isn’t a Seven Quick Takes AT ALL.

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. I won’t lie, I’m sad it’s over. I’m ready for a schedule and all that, but the magic of Christmas, I just love it. We were standing at the grocery store checking out half-price Hallmark items and I suddenly felt really excited about next year’s Christmas. Only 350-some-odd days to go.