Message of Hope

My friend Kelly is over at Faith and Family today, writing about fertility ups and downs. It’s a message of hope for anyone who has struggled with infertility, secondary infertility or even sub-fertility. She’s seen it all and writes beautifully about it today.

Light Reading

1828 1828_ () 1828 1828 Henry flips through a treatise on Leonardo da Vinci while his older brother ponders math.

In other news, one of the boys didn’t appreciate the delicious meal of barbecue pork I served for dinner tonight.

Me, eyeing his untouched plate: Are you not hungry?

Him: I don’t really like this.

Me: Okay, you don’t have to eat that.

Him: You mean, if I want something else *I* have to get it?

Me: Um, if you want something else, you have wait til next time. 1828″>


Side Effects

1827 1827_ () 1827 1827 Remember this?

There is a ton of it, still.

A while ago, Paul came out of the bathroom after snaking our shower drain which was moving very slow.

Him: Are you experiencing hair loss this pregnancy?

Me: Not even. Why?

Him: It looks like a Shetland pony has been bathing in our shower.

Awesome, right?

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A Pregnancy Haiku

1826 1826_ () 1826 1826

Why do I feel so fat
sighed the lady as she licked
the fudge from the spoon
–Rachel Balducci

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