Tree of Gratitude

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Here is a picture of my Thanksgiving Week art project. I was quite pleased with the results. I had everyone (me, Paul, the boys and our guests) fill out a few leaves with what we are grateful for.

Thanks to Karen E. for the inspiration!

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1784 1784_ () 1784 1784 We took a hike
on our favorite trail
and I collected extra-large maple leaves
for a centerpiece
that I forgot to put on the table.

We got home
with an hour to spare
and the leaves stayed in the car
and the table was without
but still very full
because of all the people
who sat around it.

Very full indeed. 1784″ ,


Animal Kingdom

1783 1783_ () 1783 1783 Augie is going on a field trip with his Cub Scout group tomorrow after school.

I’ve been on these field trips before. I don’t envy the chaperones. Something about boys getting together plus being in that uniform brings out their inner bear cub.

I thought briefly about going on tomorrow’s outing. The group is going on a tour of the local newspaper and I still have friends there. It would be fun to see everyone.

And then, cue the footage in my brain of the time I helped chaperone the trip to the fire station. I was the only girl there — not just the only female chaperone, but the only female in the entire building. There I was, a lone gal in a sea of males: firemen and dads and eight or nine or three-hundred little boys. And while I think it’s amazing and admirable that men seem to have an insanely high tolerance for impish behavior from boys, I felt like I’d have a tic by the end of the morning. So many antics, so few people addressing them!

So I won’t be there for tomorrow’s trip.

This afternoon, as I was giving Augie instruction on how to behave tomorrow, I reminded him of what we expect when he is out in public, most especially when he is out without mom or dad.

“You need to have good self-control,” I preached, “no acting crazy or being wild.”

“But mom,” pleaded Charlie, stepping in for his brother, “it’s just his nature.” 1783″>


Chuck Kitty

1782 1782_ () 1782 1782

Oh, I’m guessing everyone out there is as busy as me. I know I’m not fooling you with the silly little things I’m posting here and there (cell walks into a bar? Seriously?). But it’s Thanksgiving Week! I hope you’re excited and enjoying all your baking and cleaning and whatever else you do to prepare.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a ton of cooking to do — I’m making green bean casserole and providing rolls and also hosting, so I think my better skills, those of vacuuming and mopping and wiping down surfaces, will be put to good use.

Here is a little cutesy for your enjoyment. Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving! Today, may you be acutely aware of all the goodness in your life.

(Thanks, Lorin, for thinking of me!)

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