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Love This

1747 1747_ () 1747 1747 Too often, I find myself chatting with friends about how in a few years our kids are going to have no idea how cool we are. Or were? That’s the scary thing. There will come a time when we simply won’t be the cool ones anymore. Maybe it’s already happened and I’m blissfully unaware.

Via Althouse, I found this totally rad website, My Parents Were Awesome — it’s so sweet to think of all these kids recognizing that indeed, there parents were once hip and cool and young. And you know what changed all that, kiddo? YOU DID. (And it was worth it.) 1747″ .


Our New Kitchen

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Thanks to all who expressed interest in our new kitchen. Here are the pictures and I can’t tell you how much I am loving this thing of beauty — mostly I just love how clean everything is!

Someone asked me recently if the kitchen had any special features and the first thing that came to mind was “drawers that work!” Even the boys are noticing what a luxury that can be!
We still need to tile the section behind the stove-top there, and since taking these pix I’ve put away the fruit basket and streamlined a few other bits, because I love how clean it all looks with little-to-nothing on the counters!

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Little Joys

1745 1745_ () 1745 1745 Weekly column

After spending over a month with major chaos around our house, we are finally getting things back in order. We had gone weeks without a kitchen sink or oven, living on frozen waffles (toasted in the dining room), chocolate milk (mixed in the dining room) and on the kindness of the fine folks at McDonalds restaurant.

Earlier this week, the last details of our renovations came together, and I wept with joy at the beauty that is having a dishwasher. Every morning since the day it was hooked back up, I have been amazed at the ease with which breakfast comes and goes. It is merely a matter of getting a bowl (from the shelf!), pouring cereal, adding milk (from the fridge in my kitchen!) and serving it to my boys.

In those weeks without a kitchen, we were shooting from the hip, maybe even more than should be allowed. Several days in a row, I thought I was at the end of our food supply only to discover a few more hamburger buns for making peanut butter sandwiches. One morning I thought I’d have to bring food to the school later before miraculously spotting – just as the boys headed out the door – another stash of granola bars to round out the meal. The Lord was providential every morning – we somehow always had the food we needed for breakfast and lunch, and it amazed me every time.

The obvious question is “why didn’t you just go grocery shopping?” That’s a good question. Mostly, I was overwhelmed with the chaos and the thought of bringing in more piles of stuff (to find more places for) was a greater hardship than seeing what I could magically discover in the dark recesses of the pantry. There was also something exciting about living this way – relying on God’s provision and overwhelming amounts of grace, every single day, built my faith.

Now that things are getting back in order, I am amazed at the simple joy that good order can bring. While it’s true we can’t rely exclusively on externals for our happiness, peace in the home certainly helps. “Order brings peace,” my mom has always said, and never do I agree more with that sentiment than when I don’t have the order I need.

One other crucial segment of this equation is the exciting news we received at the onset of our home renovation adventure – we are having another baby! We found out a few days before workers came and gutted our kitchen, and feeling poorly in the midst of all this has been the biggest challenge of all.

As always, I struggle with operating at a diminished pace. I am amazed, in these seasons of feeling green, at how much energy my life really does require. In order to run my household the way I like while also getting the boys where they need to be (and fulfilling my own professional obligations), I often require operating at the outer edge of what I can give. Getting taken down a few notches makes that painfully clear.

But here is where God is so good and faithful – in these trying (and also so very exciting times), he puts people in our life who are in a position to help us.

Recently, some of my siblings and their spouses helped watch our boys for the day. By the time Paul and I got home that evening I was feeling pretty exhausted and knew I was coming home to the mess I had left – there just had not been the reserves to get back on top of the laundry and displaced kitchen as yet.

I walked in the door to find my home totally clean – my sister and brother had rallied the boys, made them have a Work Party, and I was treated to a totally clean house. I was overwhelmed by that generosity.

In these challenging times, when I can’t do everything (or find everything), I am forced to allow others to help me. Sometimes it is God providing, sometimes it is a beloved sibling.

For these, and so many other little joys, I am blessed. 1745″>