Dude, Get A Hanky

1716 1716_ () 1716 1716 One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is the part in Sleepless in Seattle when Rita Wilson’s character explains why An Affair to Remember is so emotional (“and her little legs are just there shriveled and he looks at her and she looks at him. And they know. And then they hug.”).

The best part of the scene is when the two guys listening to Rita look at each other with utter confusion at her emotional state. Because this is my life EVERY DAY. The guys look at each other, and then the one guy starts to quote lines from The Dirty Dozen and they both pretend to cry and it’s hilarious.

I came across this list of Movies that Make Men Cry and I would love to get feedback from you, dude. Anything on this list ring true? There are a few that I can guarantee would NOT make Paul cry, but then a few that I’m pretty sure would even make the boys cry (and may have in the recent past, if you know what I mean…). 1716″


Conversation Starter

1715 1715_ () 1715 1715 Augie walks into my office. He is wearing his swim team speedo, a shiny red cape and an over sized black cowboy hat. He carries a handgun made entirely out of bristle blocks.

“If you’re on the dance floor in space,” he begins, “there’s only one thing that can go wrong.” 1715″>


The Future’s So Bright

1714 1714_ () 1714 1714

Me: Has anyone seen my sunglasses?

Charlie: Here. Wear these.

1714″> ?


Booky Bleg

1713 1713_ () 1713 1713 Hey guys, sorry for the lull. Things are just going to be this way until school resumes AFTER LABOR DAY. I’m not counting, I’m just making you aware.

Right now I’m in the complicated state of mind called “2/3 of the way through summer.” The start of the school year is not so close that I’m feeling emotional (or so close that I feel like I can “do anything for two weeks.”). But summer has been going on for long enough that we’ve had a few brotherly spats, etc. that make me wonder, oh about a great many things. In general I will say things are going quite well but we have our moments and those are the moments that prevent me from getting on here and doing much of anything. Also, I thrive on structure and a nice schedule and summer really isn’t about all that, now is it?

SO! Instead of going on and on, I’d like to ask you all a question. I’m figuring you’re all in a nice groove with summer reading and since reader Elizabeth asked me way back when (sorry for the delay, Liz!) about good books for boys, I thought I’d see what you and yours have been up to, reading-wise.

Like my guys, Elizabeth has “a 10 year old boy and I think he would read Calvin and Hobbes AND the daily comics EVERY DAY!! Any good suggestions?”

I know we discussed books a while back, but I thought it might be fun. Plus, I could use an updated list for our next trip to the library (like, tomorrow!). 1713″> .