Must Have Item of the Month

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I’m pretty sure I need these stockings. They would be the perfect tribute to my favorite Catholic Southern Female Author, Miss O’Connor.

(More cool mod clothing over here, with a HT: Betty Beguiles) 1591″>


Henry’s View

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Someone gave Henry my phone while he was sitting in his seat recently, and he snapped a shot. He’s a genius, isn’t he Gramma?



Rest In Peace

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My heart is aching for Amy Welborn and her family this evening. I am so saddened to hear of the death of her beloved husband Michael Dubruiel.

Michael and Amy are two of my Internet friends that I’ve actually met in real life — I spent the day with them this past June at the New Media Celebration in Atlanta. They were both so gracious in listening to my questions and giving me advice, especially about book writing. Michael said one or two very pointed things to me that I still think about when I’m struggling to get words on the screen.

There are no words to say, other than we are praying for you Amy, for your family and especially those two sweet boys.

(l-r) Mark Shea, Amy Welborn, Michael Dubruiel, Guarav Shroff, me, Lisa Hendey 1589″>


Local Yokels

Anyone within our viewing area, I’ll be on Comcast Channel 12 tonight from 8-10 p.m. talking about Parenting Pitfalls (there will also be two other ladies, so it’s not just two hours of me telling tall Testosterhome tales!).