Testing One Two

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Testing One Two from Rachel Balducci on Vimeo. 1564″>


In the Presence of Greatness

1563 1563_ () 1563 1563 At a special Mexican-food feast to celebrate her birthday today, my friend Kim was given an extraordinary gift from her mother-in-law. When Kim opened her gift, I could not believe I was sitting so close to such a legendary object.

Behold, Kim’s gift: the Snuggie!

Those of us seated at the table were so stunned initially that we were at a loss for words. The Snuggie? Right here at this table? It was the equivalent of having your favorite television star step through the screen and into your front room. For me, this moment with the Snuggie could have been topped only by Anthony Bourdain coming over to drink beer and eat something weird with us.

A few thoughts on the Snuggie:

1. The Snuggie is not form-fitting. It’s not terribly flattering either. But that’s okay, because it’s awesome, and everyone knows that awesome trumps flattering.

2. The Snuggie could easily become your new best friend. Also? It comes with a reading light. So your evenings are now accounted for.

3. Having said that, we at the table came up with a wide-variety of amazing uses for the Snuggie, including 1) a Mr. Rogers type sweater (come home, take off your coat, don your Snuggie), 2) a great outfit for next year’s Christmas pictures (His/Hers/baby Snuggies would decimate the competition in a cutest card contest).

4. Final thoughts on the Snuggie: it’s so, so much more than a robe. You have to see it in person to understand how amazing it is. I’m just so grateful I had a chance to be so close to it today.

How many out there have a Snuggie? How many are wishing they did? I know people are talking about the Snuggie because it’s just too incredible to ignore. 1563″>


Tired. So tired.

Oh my gosh. Henry is seventeen-months-old.

This is kicking my behind.

More tomorrow.


Christmas Eve

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Tonight, I’m torn. Do I sit here and explain all the elements of this picture? Or do I just post the picture and let you look and wonder. Why is there a jumbo Jesus in the left corner, you are asking. And why is that child standing there on what looks like, um, is that a stage? Why is he on a stage with a jumbo Jesus staring at him? Also, why are people cheering, and is that a laptop? Why is there a laptop?

Do I explain all that, or do I just leave the picture and let that be my 1,000 words. We shall see.