Deep Thought for Today

1544 1544_ () 1544 1544 Do you find, when you’re out Christmas shopping, that you stumble upon just as much stuff for yourself as anyone else?

Yeah, me neither.

The good news is that after many, many months of searching, I finally found a new purse! For myself! I’m just as excited about that as being very nearly done with my shopping.

I hope things are going well for you too! 1544″> .


Locked Out, Lessons Learned

1543 1543_ () 1543 1543 Weekly column
The boys and I got locked out of the house the other day. At the end of a long afternoon, these circumstances were highly frustrating and terribly inconvenient.

Ethan had already left for his basketball game, and I was loading up the other boys to meet him there. Through a series of unfortunate events, a well-meaning helper pulled the door closed, keys still inside, with the door handle in the locked position.

“Uh-oh,” said the boy, and I whipped my head toward the house. I had been settling Henry in his car seat, and that is where he stayed for the next ten minutes while I made call after desperate, gut-wrenching phone call to find a spare key.

“I think we have one,” said my mom and we walked to her house. I found her spare key and looked in the drawer where she thought my key might be.

“It’s not here,” I said, and she suggested I call my dad.

“I’ve got it right here with me,” said my dad, who was unfortunately just arriving at the Atlanta Airport to drop of my sister and brother-in-law.

Meanwhile, Ethan’s game was starting on the other side of town. I called my husband, who was about to start coaching his basketball game at another gym in town.

“I think my dad has a key,” he told me, so we called Buelo. He thought he might have one, but we’d have to come look since he wasn’t sure what it looked like.

By now Elliott was upset – he really wanted to watch Ethan’s game. Charlie and Augie were upset too, which was motivated more by their love of concession stand food.

In a stroke of pure serendipity, a dear friend drove by and had room in her car for Elliott. We bid him farewell, and checked on the key at Buelo’s. No luck, so we headed back to Gramma and Papa’s where we would stay until Paul got home from his game – two hours later.

When we first got to my mom and dad’s, I was annoyed. The boys took out the basket of toys and I thought about all the things I should be doing but could not – the laundry, the baking, the last-minute decorating. My long list of pre-Thanksgiving tasks waited for me next door, locked away with my keys and every other little thing that totally consumed me.

For the last few days, I had been on a cleaning kick around the house. That weekend, I started purging the boys’ closets and I was amazed and dazzled by the results. The bedrooms were looking wonderful, so utterly clean and tidy that I started getting carried away, just a little.

What started as closets quickly became the study then the playroom and maybe just moving these pictures and switching out these dressers. When I found myself looking at curtains to hang – maybe we could get them up before Thanksgiving? – I realized things were bordering on obsessive. I needed to just slow down. But how?

And then, out of nowhere, I was given a two-hour reboot.

As I sat and watched the boys play, and then drew pictures with them and read a magazine and watched the evening news, I slowly embraced the downtime. I enjoyed these moments with my boys and realized I would not have done this at home, not with the pace I’d been running.

Even though all my efforts at home were very good, it was too much. I was in such a frenzy that had I not been forced to just sit down for a minute, there would have been no stopping me until I collapsed in a heap on the floor, either from the tryptophan or sheer exhaustion.

After that, I asked the Lord to gently remind me to slow down. I don’t want to spend the precious weeks of Advent running around town in a tizzy. I don’t want this season to pass me by while I spin my wheels with a mile-long to-do list. I assured the Lord that I’m going to work hard on having a healthy approach to our preparations, and could he please not lock me out of my house again. I’ve learned my lesson, I told him, I promise. 1543″>


Time For A Vote!

1542 1542_ () 1542 1542 This Saturday, my son Ethan and I will spend a few hours working at the bakery of our school’s Christmas Festival. Workers are encouraged to wear Christmas attire and a festive apron.

I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear and realized I only have one Christmas apron, a little something made a few years ago by the loving hands of my boy Charlie.

So here’s my question: if I wear it, do you think I’ll get arrested? 1542″> ?


Palin Pix!

1541 1541_ () 1541 1541

I talked about this visit over at Faith and Family and then posted a few pictures at my Facebook spot, and then totally neglected YOU, dear, sweet Testosterhome reader! I am so sorry. Not that we’re winning any awards with these shots, but still, it was wonderful.

The children’s eyes were all aglow with excitement!

Here’s a shot of my dear, sweet hubby. Do you seen him in that sea of people? He initially said he wasn’t going to come, that he couldn’t really handle going somewhere with “so much estrogen.” But he met us at the last minute and wound up with a spot front and center. The boys and I decided to stay up in the seats so they could see better. (My nose just stopped bleeding.)

Sa-Rah! Sa-Rah!
I know there are those of you out there who don’t think she’s all that great, some of my very own who are near and dear to my heart — we’ve had this discussion, you and I (you know who you are!) and I’m standing firm. I think she’s wonderful.
Hearing her speak this week just sealed the deal. She is dynamic and an inspiration, and even if you don’t agree with her politics (which I’ve mentioned I do), do this for me: think of someone you know who has five children, one of those children with special needs, who is articulate and a go-getter. Think of that person out there using her gifts to serve this country on a national level. If that person was your neighbor or friend or relative, you would be darn proud of that woman, you totally would.
I betcha.

1541″ .