A Few Closing Remarks

1436 1436_ () 1436 1436 Because the comments are still trickling in, I just wanted to tidy things up with the discussion below regarding the seminarian’s comments at our parish.

1. I wish I could play a little recording of how the young man addressed the youth. He did not speak down to them or to anyone. I think we hear this phrase “rock your world” and automatically envision a certain tone. He didn’t use any kind of hippety-hop it’s-all-good tone. It was really more a matter-of-fact — and one we all know to be true.

2. The words themselves are not what moved me, and were not necessarily what prompted me to write about this incident. It is the notion, the concept of one’s world being “rocked” (i.e. transformed) that really touched me that morning.

3. I think we are all in agreement on that point — we do want to be transformed. Everyone does. As a follower of Christ, I’m looking to him for that transformation. Everyone is looking for something.

4. I do so appreciate everyone’s thoughts. To J.C. in particular, I did not mean to sneak the discussion away from Faith and Family, and I’m sorry if you felt unnerved by all that. I just thought it was interesting and brought it up over here (I tried to email you privately but didn’t see an address).

Thanks to everyone. I wrote more about this for next week’s column (and yes, some of that will look familiar). 1436″ ,


Slightly Better Than Part Italian

This afternoon, we brought one of Ethan’s friends with us to the pool. On the drive, the boys started discussing heritage and ethnic roots.

“We’re part German,” offered the friend.

“Well we,” said Augie with a sigh, “are part Chuck Norris.”

You’re So Money Monday, Weird Edition

1434 1434_ () 1434 1434 Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I started today with a mad dash to my doctor’s office to deal with a suspicious lump that turned out to be a lymph node. That’s actually more than I wanted to share here, but in the end it ties in nicely with this week’s topic. The lump is a result of my body dealing with some sort of reaction I had to something my leg brushed up against last week on our family hike.

It was on that hike that we saw the topic of today’s discussion.

It was the strangest thing. As we were pulling onto the quiet road that led to the trail, I saw this dude off in the distance. “I think I just saw a naked man,” I told Paul, rubbing my eyes. Because that sight was basically no different than all the other days of my life.

But it turns out that yes, it was a naked dude. As we were gearing up to hit the trail, Henry loaded in the carrier, water bottles ready, the seven of us just getting onto the path, the dude runs by again. This time, everyone saw him. We sort of stood there in amazement, again wondering if our eyes deceived us. He looked like a seasoned runner; he had a runner’s gait and a runner’s build. He was huffing along, wearing running shoes and nothing else.

Of course we talked about him on and off for the rest of our two-hour hike. “Remember Naked Man,” someone would say, like it had happened years ago. Yes, we remember, I’d say. How could I forget.

In the end, we never did anything about it. My theory is that this dude got overheated and pulled off his shorts (he was carrying something in his hand). When I was telling a few girlfriends about it recently, they were confident he was a perve and they told me they would have called the police. Is this not the craziest topic EVER?

But seriously, I’m just curious what you would have done. I wonder if because Paul was with me I just wasn’t worried about the dude. He really seemed harmless. He didn’t even look in our direction — he just literally streaked by and was on his way. 1434″>


Calgon Time

Me: Elliott, it’s time to leave.

Elliott: —-

Me: El! Let’s go!

Elliott: Oops! Sorry, I was lost in the moment.