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1428 1428_ () 1428 1428 Over at Faith and Family yesterday, I talked about something I heard at Mass this weekend. Our resident seminarian addressed the congregation on his last Sunday before returning to his studies. Towards the end of his brief sharing he had the young people stand up.

“Always keep Jesus in the center of your heart,” he told them, “and he will rock your world.”

I posted this message over there, because I really was touched by the simple beauty of it. However, not everyone agreed with my thoughts.

Reader J.C. posted:

Doesn’t anyone else find this appalling? Even assuming it did not actually take place during the sacred liturgy–“Jesus will rock your world?” Good grief!

I’ve been thinking about this comment this afternoon, wondering why this would be offensive (I asked as much, but no answer yet). Am I so un-old-fashioned that I am blind to how wrong this statement is (answer: I don’t really think so.)?

I want a God who can rock my world, who has the power to do what no one else can. I want to experience the freedom and joy that come with loving a God who is greater than anyone or anything. If Jesus can’t transform me, well, then what?

Maybe the issue is simply a matter of semantics, but the bottom line is: I think we all want Jesus to rock our world. 1428″ .


From Here to Eternity

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You’re So Money Monday

1425 1425_ () 1425 1425 You could see this one coming from 3.1 miles away:

About four years ago, I took swimming lessons. When I tell people this, they usually get wide-eyed, surprised that I never learned to swim?!? I did know how to swim, I explain, but not well enough to swim for exercise. So I took lessons from a friend.

The swimming lessons were fun, and they opened up a whole new world of swimming laps and racing my boys and a new way of thinking about time in the water. The whole endeavor also reminded me of the joy of learning something new — we have so many chances for that when we are young, but what about once we’ve grown up?

What about you? In what area of your life do you want to grow? (If you don’t want to advertise, you could post anonymously. It might inspire someone else just the same!) What is one thing you can do to challenge yourself in the coming weeks, months or even year?

It doesn’t have to be a physical race. Maybe there is a really great book (Brothers Karamazov, anyone?) you have always wanted to read. Perhaps there is a skill you’ve always wanted to learn that you’ve put off. What do you want to explore or learn?

In what way can you challenge yourself in the upcoming season? 1425″>