R. Balducci, Triathlete

1424 1424_ () 1424 1424 Yesterday Paul and I did (participated in? competed in? rock-and-rolled in?) our first triathlon, which pretty much explains the radio silence around here. I’m basically thrilled to be up and walking around without too much of a limp. Last night I was ambling towards my car and noticed I was swinging my left leg out a bit, like I had been on a horse for three days. I decided to nip that gait in the bud. Excitement of finishing race not equal to or greater than looking like a 73-year-old cowboy (but actually, maybe yes).

I’m going to write about this experience in detail sometime this week, mostly because leading up to the race, I was looking for all the tips I could get about doing my first triathlon, what to wear (thanks to those who answered), what to expect, would there be lifeguards should I freak out in the lake and be unable to swim. The few things I did find were helpful and I want to be able to offer something to someone in need, my little way of giving back (insert wink here).

I’ll also write a bit more about how this kind of race is such a personal experience. I was working at my own pace, a pace much slower than Paul (and plenty of other people too). But while the times don’t match, the victory is just as sweet.

So more on that later. Not much else to report except today was a wonderful day filled with much quiet and decluttering (Henry napping, boys with Paul, me having a bit of alone time). It was rejuvenating.

We still have about five weeks of summer, and after a day like today, I can honestly say: bring it on.

p.s. I hope you won’t find it odd when I sign my correspondence with the title above. 1424″> ?


I Scream

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This here’s the link to mah podcast with Lisa Hendey and Danielle Bean (she’s from the No-orth, ya know). Go listen fer yerself to see if we have extreme accents er not (the answer: NO!).

(Great job, Lisa — it was fun chatting with you, too!)

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