One Year Ago Today

If My Husband Had A Website

1410 1410_ () 1410 1410 There are some discussions we have around this household, discussions you surely have around your household as well, that I just feel funny discussing here on this blog. Because I’m a laaaady, and ladies “don’t talk like that.” I put these last words in quotes because the truth is, while that is the understanding, once you have boys it is no longer the reality. It’s not that I enjoy some of these discussions, but we have them nonetheless.

All that is to say: there are things that only a dad can write about. And since I’m a mom of boys, I’ll let this dad handle it. 1410″>


Mama’s Got a Brand New Gig!

1409 1409_ () 1409 1409 Faith and Family Magazine has a new website, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be doing a little blogging over there with a handful of other wonderful ladies. One thing I’m excited about is a weekly feature I’ll provide, called Rachel Raves. If you have any products or style thoughts you’d like to share, please email me!

So go check out the new place, and I hope you like it! 1409″> , .


Pity the Fool

Elliott: Mama, where’d you put my Elvin Hayes book?

Me: Who’s that?

Elliott: You don’t know who Elvin Hayes is?

Me: No.

Elliott: Dang, I feel sorry for you.

(note: I know who Alvin Hayes is, but not Elvin.)