You’re So Money Monday

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To explain to any new readers: YSMM is a (mostly) weekly feature where we talk about all kinds of things. The point of it (in my mind) is for readers to find inspiration or to offer inspiration to others. Some times, like last week, we take stock in the good we have in our lives, the very tiny details that can often be forgotten or overlooked. You’re So Money Monday is not always about money, but being “so money” — which is another way of saying: you rock!

You do rock — and don’t you forget it.

So this week, I’ve been thinking about motivation. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I decided to motivate myself. I haven’t decided exactly how that will play out, except I realized that in order to want to do the right thing, the challenging thing, sometimes the mom herself needs the carrot (no, I did not say carat).

But most of us need a little something to motivate our children too. Around here, we have several revolving plans — sometimes the boys will work for chocolate (where do they get that from, I cannot begin to imagine.). When they do their list of chores, or finish a task, I will give them two or three bite-sized chocolates. That has been the most recent M.O.

We have also gone through seasons of charts or earning computer time or maybe even everyone working hard, with good attitudes, for an extended period (several weeks) and then we celebrate the good behavior and hard work with a family outing.

So here is this week’s question: what is the best motivation you have found to “inspire” your children to get the job done?

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Overheard Therapy

Paul: Don’t be too hard on yourself, Elliott.

Elliott: Oh I don’t blame myself. I blame Ethan.

File Under: Yum!

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Paul made these for us on the Fourth, and they were delicious. If you’re planning your menu for the week, might I suggest this sandwich? Yes, I might.

(this picture is from the site, but ours looked pretty good, too.)



Family Identity

1397 1397_ () 1397 1397 I plop Henry on the couch to get him dressed and he falls back faster than I anticipate.

“I’m so sorry,” I say, “that was too rough.”

“He likes it,” says Ethan, noting Henry’s laughter.

He likes it,” I say, “but I don’t think his neck does.”

“Henry likes the rough stuff,” Ethan assures me. “He’s a Balducci boy.” 1397″ .