St. Francis of the Reptiles

1134 1134_ () 1134 1134 Our neighborhood All Saints Day party is next Wednesday. I love this tradition in large part because it’s got the boys really thinking about the saints, about what saints they love, who they want to learn more about, and (most importantly) which saints died a bloody death. That’s the deciding factor in how we’ll dress for the evening.

I feel, however, that maybe things are going a bit far. A few days ago, one of the boys asked me which saint was the patron of “cigarettes.” He also wondered who was the patron of travelers, of cigars, and of video games. Maybe he thinks by asking for that saint’s intercession he might actually get a video game.

“Who is the patron saint of skateboarders,” one of the boys asked tonight at dinner.

And just as I was working on an answer to that question, he wondered about anacondas, and which saint was up in heaven interceding for them. 1134″> . .


Two Worlds. One Artist.

Tweet Tweet Pwecious Babee

1132 1132_ () 1132 1132 We were all sitting on the floor this afternoon, huddled around Henry and watching his every move. He is holding his head up so high these days and we can’t get enough of his sweet little face as he discovers the world around him.

“Let’s straighten out the blanket,” I said to Elliott, “and then I’ll put him back on his tum-tum.”

“We have so many new words now that we have Henry,” said Elliott.

“What do you mean,” I asked.

“Like tum-tum,” he said. We never, he said, used to say things like “tum-tum” or “pwecious” or “punkin pie sweet wittle baby cakes.”

We did, I told Elliott. But it was a long time ago. It was so long ago that he didn’t remember. Because he himself was a baby and then a very little boy when these words were still a part of our everyday vocabulary.

And then I realized just how much I had missed all this — getting all googly-eyed and silly and pronouncing my R’s as W’s and my S’s as T’s. I had forgotten about getting this much satisfaction out of watching someone realize that if he turns his head juuuust so he will be able to see the object he is looking for. What incredible delight I take in witnessing these tiny moments.

Just as sweet, I’m realizing, is that this time we’re all enjoying this together. Henry’s mommy and daddy are loving this season. And so are Henry’s big brothers.

And that is what makes it all the sweeter. 1132″>


My Menu Brings Them To Tears

“Mom,” said the boy sweetly, sniffling a bit at bedtime, “I just want to tell you that dinner tonight was a little, um, low.”