Scientific Terminology

Elliott: I think a great science experiement would be to take a bunch of ants, put them in a glass jar and then cause an explosion.

Me: But what would the point of that be?

Elliott: It would be cool.

Ethan: Science isn’t supposed to be cool, Elliott. It’s supposed to be awesome.

Wedded Bliss

1105 1105_ () 1105 1105 This weekend, we traveled across the entire state down to the bowels of Georgia, which as I type that sounds like a good name for a rock band, to the wedding of Paul’s sweet sister Anna. Congratulations Anna and Thom!

The wedding was in a small town in southern Georgia, and we knew we were going rural when the directions included instructions like: go left at the silos, and then turn by the farmhouse. I would say “just joking, not really” but I’m actually totally really. That’s almost exactly what the directions said. And we followed those directions which took us exactly where we needed to go. “Careful,” said our neighbor Etta when she heard where we were traveling, “they don’t take kindly to foreigners down there.”

The drive was about five hours on two-lane highways, which was quite an adventure. Lots of horses and cows and goats. And plenty of silos. And also, the further south we drove, the more Love Bugs, and not the kind made by VW. At first,when we stopped for lunch, I thought I happened to catch a fluke sighting of two bugs mating. And then, when we stopped again later, I realized there were thousands of these same bugs also mating. And that there were thousands more of these bugs stuck to the grill of our Suburban. And also our windshield. That’s life in South Georgia, I suppose — you use your wipers when the layers of bugs get too thick to see.

Ethan and Elliott were the official ushers for the wedding, an intimate gathering of 50 (including Henry). The Mass was in a beautiful church built in the late 1800s, and fortunately for my boys, a very cozy little church. This took some of the edge off being nervous, I think, because the boys did their job beautifully. I was so proud.

Last week, after Mass, I worked with the two of them on what it means to be an usher, and how that definition does not include grabbing ladies by the arm and then shoving them into the pew you see fit. We talked about things like making eye contact and extending an arm and how they should ask “bride’s side or groom?” And darned if they didn’t seem to remember it all.

The highlight for them, of course, was the weapon they each received from Thom as a gift. Ethan and Elliott saw their pocket knives before the wedding started, and maybe that had something to do with their stellar performance — the thought of that glorious beaut waiting for them when all this pomp and circumstance was over. I caught the two of them trying to open their knives at the reception dinner, and was able to tell them to wait until we weren’t around anyone wearing a priceless dress of satin and lace and a mother-of-pearl comb imported from Spain. Those kind of people don’t want to be around an open pocket knife that includes seventeen bonus blades (party poopers.).

So one wedding down, and two more to go. My sister gets married in January, my brother in April. The good news is that the boys are now very excited about their participation in the upcoming nuptials, and also hoping to get more sharp objects to add to their arsenal.

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Same way Paul’s grandfather wore his pants

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Love is…

1103 1103_ () 1103 1103 …Paul leaving for work a few minutes late so he can clean out the turtle tank. Because a friend is coming over and I don’t want to try and explain why the upstairs landing smells like some place Mother Teresa would send her sisters.

Love is little acts of kindness when there doesn’t have to be.

Thank you, sweets. 1103″ ?