1102 1102_ () 1102 1102 Someone passed along a link to this blog, written by a mom who has just given birth to a beautiful little girl with Edward’s syndrome. Reading this makes me want to pray for this family, but also hug them and thank them for their beautiful witness of openness to life, faith in God and love.

God bless you, Conor and Boothe. 1102″> ?


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1100 1100_ () 1100 1100 What’s more shocking — that I open the freezer to find a fat blue iridescent beatle frozen in a bowl of water on top of my Totinos pizzas?

Or that this does not even remotely surprise me.



WWJD: What Would Jesus Drive?

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“Mom,” nine-year-old Elliott asked me recently, “if Jesus was on earth, do you think he’d drive a motorcycle?”

There was a long pause from me as I debated my answer. Would Jesus drive a motorcycle? The bigger question is would Jesus give heart failure to his mother, the Queen of Heaven? I wondered for a moment. I was just about to tell him that maybe he would, but he’d definitely wear a helmet, when Elliott spoke again.

“I think,” he said, “that Jesus would ride a mo-ped.”

It’s always interesting when we pull the physical Jesus into the present. The boys have asked me several times if Jesus would do this or that, and I’ll admit I sometimes ask them the same. Would Jesus be rude to Mary, I’ll say in the midst of a heated moment. Would Jesus ignore what she asked him to do? How would Jesus treat his mother? They always have the right answer for those moments. Of course Jesus would be respectful and obedient and quick to honor his Mother. He’s Jesus.

But the truth is, I don’t always have an easy answer for the boys’ questions to me. I don’t know if Jesus burped at the table (but I tell them no, of course he didn’t!). I don’t think Jesus stayed right by his mother’s side in public (he got lost in the temple for days). And I wonder if Jesus always made eye contact and said “very nice to meet you, too” whenever he was out with his parents. Did the boy Jesus always know how to behave, or was he like my boys, needing to be encouraged and sometimes gently prodded?

The Bible says Jesus was like us in all ways but sin; and I have to wonder, in light of how God made children (and boys in particular) where a healthy sense of adventure and curiosity fits in to the spectrum. Even though I am sometimes frustrated with my sons’ behavior, it’s not always wrong. Sometimes, it’s just their nature.

Not too long ago, I started a mental letter to Jesus that went something like this: Dear Lord, I love you. Thank you for all these boys. Now why did you make them so very different from me? Can you see how this makes my job a lot harder than if they were all tiny clones of me? Love, your friend Rachel.

I decided not to send it, because I’m pretty sure Jesus already knows what I’m dealing with. He saw fit to give me all these boys after all. And He did make his mother the Queen of Heaven, which shows that He understands what mothers go through. Because of that, of Jesus’ great love for his mother, I try to ask myself – what would Mary do? I think Mary would be patient and kind and slow to anger (but probably quick to address bad behavior). She would be Love. And that reminds me to pray for the grace and energy to do the same.

Jesus was a real person who walked on this earth, who took on human form and lived and breathed and ate, just like us. When he was a boy, I’ll bet he had the same sense of mischief and adventure and fun that little boys throughout the ages have been blessed to have. And Mary was there to patiently train and guide him.

What a precious gift are these boys in my life. I want them to be who God made them to be; I want them to grow up to be strong men of God who will stand for what is right. It’s my job, as their mother, to appreciate their nature and guide them on that path. 1099″> ?