Love is…

1103 1103_ () 1103 1103 …Paul leaving for work a few minutes late so he can clean out the turtle tank. Because a friend is coming over and I don’t want to try and explain why the upstairs landing smells like some place Mother Teresa would send her sisters.

Love is little acts of kindness when there doesn’t have to be.

Thank you, sweets. 1103″ ?



1102 1102_ () 1102 1102 Someone passed along a link to this blog, written by a mom who has just given birth to a beautiful little girl with Edward’s syndrome. Reading this makes me want to pray for this family, but also hug them and thank them for their beautiful witness of openness to life, faith in God and love.

God bless you, Conor and Boothe. 1102″> ?


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The State of Things

1100 1100_ () 1100 1100 What’s more shocking — that I open the freezer to find a fat blue iridescent beatle frozen in a bowl of water on top of my Totinos pizzas?

Or that this does not even remotely surprise me.