It’s lovely to meet you too!

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Two Months Old…

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…and one of the best things that’s happened around here in quite some time.



Chuck Norris Lives Here

Urine Luck.

1093 1093_ () 1093 1093 Do you remember a few years ago when we got to talking about my bathroom and how gross it was? You all gave me some good suggestions for keeping it clean(er), and I was so happy? Do you remember? Well, I thank you for that. It has been very helpful.

In the meantime, boys have gotten taller, their aim a little better. And also I continue to mop nearly every. single. day. And while it has improved exponentially, it still has never felt totally “fresh” in there (relatively speaking, of course).

A few weeks my friend Amanda in Richmond emailed to tell me about these new sticks she found at the local drugstore. She said they totally perked up her musty smelling laundry room. I decided to check them out. I found some at Target, reasonably priced — not cheap, but not as bad as Pier One, probably. And believe it or not, things are smelling better. Not like a crisp fall morning or anything, but I’ll take what I can get.

The sticks are nice because they seem to neutralize odor, instead of just covering everything with a layer of stink. And they look really cool too!

Happy Friday!