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Heading out the door to an anniversary party for friends and I’m totally tempted to just wear the clothes with the spit-up and pretend it happened on the way.

Preppy Little 8-Week-Old Snoozer

A Distinct Possibility

Charlie: What were Henry’s first words?

Me: He hasn’t said them yet.

Charlie: Maybe it’ll be “goo-goo-ga-ga.”

Elliott: That’s not a real word.

Charlie: Then maybe he’ll look at us and say “simmah down nah.”

King Vitamin

1087 1087_ () 1087 1087 For breakfast this morning, I served each boy a plate that included two cinnamon rolls and half a sliced banana.

Around here, not everyone is fond of bananas. They understand that carrots are good for your eyes, that oranges have Vitamin C, and that eating lots of apples (which they love to do) keep the doctor away.

“But what does this build,” asked Charlie, trying to leave the banana on his plate.

“Character,” said Elliott. 1087″>