Our New Christian

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O Brother.

Elliott, looking lovingly at the baby: I’m glad we had another brother, Mom.

Me: Why is that?

Elliott: Because if it was a girl, I wouldn’t be allowed to punch back.


1077 1077_ () 1077 1077 I just rescued a Yoda Star Wars action figure from the disposal.

He had been placed in a bowl of water and then put in the freezer. He was later removed from the bowl in the middle of a block of ice. The block of ice was then placed in the sink; as it melted Yoda was “released” from his bondage. Which is great, until the ice melts and then Yoda slips down the drain.

But I saved him. I saved Yoda. And thanks to this blog, I now know there are many, many other women out there doing these same kinds of cutting-edge and very weird tasks every day. Raising boys, one toy Yoda at a time. 1077″> ,


And Then There Were Seven

1076 1076_ () 1076 1076 Georgia Aquarium. Augie is holding his $2 sprite. I made those boys drink every last drop of those drinks. Liquid gold practically. Sheesh.

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