Learning from the Master

Elliott: I told Henry that here we don’t like Barbie.

Me: What did he say.

Elliott: He smiled.

Basic (Summer) Food Groups

Chicken Soup for the Sleep Deprived Soul

1065 1065_ () 1065 1065 I’m a little tired these days. I don’t necessarily feel tired, but the fatigue is showing itself in other ways.

Mostly, it’s leaking out of my eyes.

It’s not that I’m walking around the house crying constantly; I’m just sort of “not keeping it together” here and there. Like when the baby starts to cry while I’m trying to usher four pro-wrestlers out of the front room and into the backyard. Those moments are a bit overwhelming.

I’m fairly confident that I’d be handling some of these moments with a bit more finesse if I was exceeding the 180-minute mark per sleep period. That’s messing with my mojo.

The lack of sleep combined with end-of-summer ennui plus temps of over 100 degrees is not a winning combination. It’s extremely frustrating timing, to be sure. We’re stuck in the house — we being Me, a five-week-old and four wild-and-crazy (read: Healthy) boys. And that has to be a winning combination because that’s the combination I’ve got.

This morning I was talking to a friend who recently returned from vacation. Everyone in her family traveled together except one sister, who is having a baby in a few weeks. She couldn’t make the five-hour plane ride.

“How is she doing now that you’re all back,” I asked my friend. She told me that the sister was disappointed, but had decided she wasn’t going to get emotional about it.

“She knew she couldn’t go,” said my friend, “and she made a choice to have a good attitude.”

What a great idea, I thought. Today, I decided I’d do the same.

When the boy shook his drink and then (accidentally) opened it all over the grocery store floor, I took a deep breath and kept my cool. When the baby needed me, I stopped what I was doing (as soon as I could) — instead of getting frustrated that the task couldn’t be finished. When the boy burped near my face to show me how amazing it was that the burp had No Smell!, I smiled and told him that was indeed amazing. Then I calmly asked him to never do that again. Ever.

I’m not being a droid or pretending not to have emotions. I recognize (especially when others remind me) that it’s tough going so long on so little sleep, and that right now things are very challenging. I’m not pretending any of that isn’t true.

But the only thing I can change right now is my attitude. School starts in a few weeks, and until then I’m going to work very, very hard to be positive. Family members have been so generous with offers of help, and I will ask for help when I need it. And I’m also going to keep being honest with myself — this isn’t easy, but it’s only a season.

But I can do it. I have to. All things are possible with the Good Lord. Him, the support of others, some chocolate and a big glass of red wine. 1065″> ?


To One Of The Many Men In My Life

1064 1064_ () 1064 1064 Dear Paul,

I’m going to make this quick, because the baby is starting to wake up and the boys are outside in the garage and I just heard someone utter the words spray paint. And we know that can’t be good.

I want to tell you how much I love sharing life with you. You are a dream husband. That doesn’t mean you are perfect, I know (just so you don’t feel any undue pressure), and goodness knows I’m not. But you are wonderful.

You are slow to criticize and quick to help. You understand what I need to have peace and joy in my life, and you never fail to offer that. And you can laugh when things get crazy. I like that about you a whole lot.

Happy Anniversary, sweets. Thirteen years! Sharing life with you is an adventure. 1064″ ?