One Month Old, Fitting In Nicely

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Next Up: Chinese Water Torture

1062 1062_ () 1062 1062 I’m taking the boys shopping today — shopping for clothes. I’m going to be optimistic, which is code for “I am going to lie to myself and say we will all have a good time.” But deep down, I don’t really think we will.

The truth is clothes shopping with the boys is not that much fun, due in large part to the fact that they hate shopping. Sure they’ll tolerate grocery shopping, because it involves the buying of food, which they like. And if we have to go to Target they’ll hang for a while since they can look at toys and weapons if they behave. But only if that doesn’t involve the looking at and trying on of clothes.

It’s not that they aren’t well behaved on these outings. They mostly are. It’s just hard for me to understand and be around people who don’t enjoy shopping for clothes. And then having to endure the moans and groans and all that negativity — well that basically ruins the experience for me.

Of course, this begs the question: why are you taking them?

I tried yesterday to avoid this situation by buying all their uniforms while they spent time with their Papa. I did this only to find, when I got home, that I’m not quite sure who needs what. I can’t decide between an 8R or a 10Slim and I’m now being forced to just load them up and suffer through the fittings.

You know that scene in Steel Magnolias when Sally Field, at daughter Julia Roberts’ funeral, she just loses it and starts to wail, over and over again: Why? whhhhhyyyy? Whhhhhyyyyy?

Listen for that sound today. That will be me. 1062″>


Science Center!

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Life is so hard when you’re seven

Henry is laying on my lap, staring up at the ceiling in a post-breakfast haze of content.

Charlie, looking at him: Enjoy it while you can, little dude.