This is the one

1058 1058_ () 1058 1058 Saw the GH mag on shelves this morning at my local grocers. 1058″


Clearly, it’s time to start cooking again

1057 1057_ () 1057 1057 This afternoon, I told the boys we’d be having our parish priest over for dinner Monday night.

“What do you think we should serve when Father is here,” I asked.

“How about Zaxby’s,” said Elliott, referring to his favorite chicken-finger restaurant down the road.

“When you have guests,” I told him, “it’s nice to cook some good homemade food. Especially when it’s a priest coming for dinner.”

“Well,” he suggested, “then how about eggs.” 1057″> ?


Baby Love

1056 1056_ () 1056 1056 “Is Henry really here,” Elliott asked this morning, “or am I dreaming?”

“He’s really here,” I said, and we all agreed he is wonderful.

And on that note, I’d like to introduce my very clever and subtle method of covering up those tell-tale eye bags that go along with the joy and beauty of having a newborn. I’ll be using these until my eye cream arrives.



Bona Fide

1055 1055_ () 1055 1055 I’ve been pubished in the September issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine!

A few months ago I came home to a message on the machine from an editor at GH. After listening to the message, I called Paul into the room and played it for him.

“If this is someone playing a joke,” he said after a minute, “it will be the meanest one ever.”

It turns out it was not a joke — the next day I spoke with that editor, a very nice woman from the GH offices in New York. I got my copy in the mail today and there I am — me and the boys and a column about Testosterhome.

I called Paul to tell him I got it! It’s real! I’m really in the magazine! And I should have probably waited a few minutes before all that because he couldn’t really tell what I was saying, thought I was weeping, thought someone was hurt badly, and then nearly had a heart attack. And that would have kinda made it not worth it. 1055″>