Stellar Speller

3206 3206_ () 3206 3206 Henry is learning his letters, really getting the concept of letters-together equals words. What fun!

It’s particularly delightful to have him string together five or six random letters and see what word it makes.

“Mom,” he’ll say, “P-R-H-I-L-S-K-Z. What’s that spell?”

“Prhilskz,” I’ll sound out, much to his satisfaction.

This morning on the way to school, my boy was talking letters and words and was excited to tell me he figured out something on his own.

“I know how to spell AIR!” he said.

“How?” I asked him.


How can you argue with that? 3206″> ,


Life With (Growing) Boys

3204 3204_ () 3204 3204 Charlie called me from school yesterday. His tooth hurt, really bad. I felt a wave of guilt/nausea/panic because a) it’s been a while since Charlie has been to the dentist (I know! I know! I feel terrible about it hence the guilt) and b) our life is so crazy right now that squeezing in an emergency dental visit, this week, would be almost out-of-the-question hence the nausea and c) I would have to make it work, hence the panic.

So I talked to my boy for a few minutes before realizing that the hurting tooth was actually a loose molar, whew, and the problem was that it was ready to come out. So give it time, I told him, and it won’t take long for the pain to subside.

That night, Charlie just couldn’t go to bed with that loose tooth. He set himself to wiggling, really focused on the task at hand and after about 30 minutes, the tooth came out.

Blood was everywhere and my boy could not have been happier.

“That feels so much better,” he said, as we looked at the large molar, it’s roots freshly extracted.

“Do you want to put it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy” I asked, handing the tooth back to Charlie.

“How bout I put it under your pillow,” he suggested, “and you just give me the cash?” 3204″ .


Lenten Reflections

Awkward Moments at the Drive Thru

3195 3195_ () 3195 3195 We have a weekly morning ritual that involves me getting a tea and Henry getting an apple pie at the closest Golden Arches. We do this on the day Henry doesn’t go to preschool and it’s a sweet little moment that generally involves the tea, the pie, a sausage burrito (all eaten in the car) and then heading over to the carwash across the street. At the drive-thru, when we pull up to order, Henry always asks if he can sit in the front, “to say hi to the lady.”

I let him, and he enjoys this little opportunity to smile and say hi, first to the person collecting the money (dear reader Colleen, I have been meaning to say THANK YOU for the oh-so-generous gift card you gave me! You are so thoughtful and it was such a delight to have a month’s worth of tea’s at McDonald’s on YOU. You sweet thing.). So first to the lady collecting the money and then to the lady giving us our food.

This morning, as we pulled to the second window, Henry was sitting in the passenger seat so excited to greet the worker.

“Good morning,” she said with a smile. “How are you?”

“We’re good,” I said.

“How are YOU,” Henry asked.

“Love you too,” she answered.

And off we went, having inadvertently brightened her day with our lavish greetings of amore. 3195″> .