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This afternoon at around 3 p.m. I sent out a text to just about everyone in my phonebook who lives in my neighborhood. I had this idea, inspired by my friend Dennis, to do a “flashmob” for my mom. My mom starts her chemo tomorrow morning and I’d love prayers for her. This is a big deal and prayer works.

I was thinking that in addition to all the prayers surely being sent up for my mom, for her peace and complete healing, how wonderful it would be if there was something tangible we could do to show our love. And this idea came into my mind, to invite as many people as possible to show up, out of the blue, and sing to my mom.

So I sent out the text, inviting people and asking them to forward the information. We’d all converge on their lawn at 7:45 that evening. We’d sing a few songs, show our love and there you go.

At 7:43, I peeked out my door, about to head over. It looked pretty quiet, but I hoped maybe 50 people might show. As I came down the driveway, I realized that no one was in front of my folks’ house — everyone was to the left or to the right. People, tons of them. Everywhere. What a sight.

When you ask me about my life here in this Christian community, “The Community,” this is it. It’s 200-plus people showing up when you need them, pausing their Sunday evening plans to come sing to your momma and daddy who are about to embark on a journey. They come to say “we love you” and “we care” and “you are not on this journey alone, not at all.”

The sweetest part of the evening, aside from just all the love saturating our little corner of the world, was watching other cancer survivors stop and hug and encourage my mom. They really have been there and they will be here for her, every step of the way. All of us will.

This. This is what community life is all about. It’s about not being alone in what might feel like your darkest hour. With this many people at your side, it doesn’t feel that dark at all.

I love these people. I am blessed to share life with them. 3209″


Stellar Speller

3206 3206_ () 3206 3206 Henry is learning his letters, really getting the concept of letters-together equals words. What fun!

It’s particularly delightful to have him string together five or six random letters and see what word it makes.

“Mom,” he’ll say, “P-R-H-I-L-S-K-Z. What’s that spell?”

“Prhilskz,” I’ll sound out, much to his satisfaction.

This morning on the way to school, my boy was talking letters and words and was excited to tell me he figured out something on his own.

“I know how to spell AIR!” he said.

“How?” I asked him.


How can you argue with that? 3206″> ,


Life With (Growing) Boys

3204 3204_ () 3204 3204 Charlie called me from school yesterday. His tooth hurt, really bad. I felt a wave of guilt/nausea/panic because a) it’s been a while since Charlie has been to the dentist (I know! I know! I feel terrible about it hence the guilt) and b) our life is so crazy right now that squeezing in an emergency dental visit, this week, would be almost out-of-the-question hence the nausea and c) I would have to make it work, hence the panic.

So I talked to my boy for a few minutes before realizing that the hurting tooth was actually a loose molar, whew, and the problem was that it was ready to come out. So give it time, I told him, and it won’t take long for the pain to subside.

That night, Charlie just couldn’t go to bed with that loose tooth. He set himself to wiggling, really focused on the task at hand and after about 30 minutes, the tooth came out.

Blood was everywhere and my boy could not have been happier.

“That feels so much better,” he said, as we looked at the large molar, it’s roots freshly extracted.

“Do you want to put it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy” I asked, handing the tooth back to Charlie.

“How bout I put it under your pillow,” he suggested, “and you just give me the cash?” 3204″ .


Lenten Reflections